Getting Rid of Unwanted Tree Branches in Lawton, Oklahoma

Overgrown trees can become a serious problem if you live in Oklahoma. Here is a list of many tree services that can help clear out and get rid of those unwanted tree branches. The first one is Sullivan Tree Service. They offer a wide array of services. They will trim those unwanted tree limbs, fertilize and spray for bugs those problem trees, shrubs, and lawns. They offer free local estimates on all services. They also offer tree and stump removal, bucket service for trimming trees that are on or over electrical lines, tree sales, and tree preservation. You can contact them by calling (580) 355-6285.

Next, there is F and W Tree Service. They offer pruning, tree removal, lot cleaning, and they will even come for emergencies. They operate with a bucket truck for trimming up those trees that are leaning or over power lines. They are well equiped with a stump grinder to get rid of those unwanted stumps, brush chipper to recycle old tree branches into mulch, and dump truck to haul off things that can not be recycled. They offer free estimates on all services with fair and competitive rates. They are insured for your protection. They service Lawton and surrounding areas. You can reach them by phone at (580)353-2993.

Then, there is Booker Tree Service. Dustin Booker “The tree man” owns and operates this business. He is well equiped with a brush chipper for turning branches into mulch, stump grinder to get rid of unwanted tree stumps, and a ladder truck for tree trimming. He offers to buy, sell, transplant, and move trees anywhere you want them. “The tree man” can be reached by calling (580)591-3066 or (580)597-2204.

Another, tree service is Arbor Care. They are your tree care professionals. They are ISA certified arborist. They offer tree pruning, maintenance, and fertilization. The have services such as tree removals, stump grinding, cabling/bracing. They have 24 hour emergency services. They are insured for your protection. They offer free estimates on all services with reasonable and competittive rates. They can be reached by phone at (580)354-2273.

Lastly, there is Grass Roots. They offer many lawn care needs, but also offer a few tree service. They are mainly a company that fertilizes and sprays trees and shrubs for bugs. They have very reasonable and competitive rates. They offer a bug barrier program as well as weekly fertilizing or spraying programs. They can be reached by phone at (580)355-7016 or on the web at

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