Give a Natural Cleaning Products Gift Basket

If you have made the choice to use natural cleaners in your home, you can be sure that you are doing the best thing for your family’s health and the environment. But, you may still have loved ones that use harsh chemical cleaners. Introduce them to the world of natural cleaning products by giving them a natural cleaning gift basket.

Basic Natural Cleaners

Include a bottle of white vinegar, the most basic of all-natural cleaners, in the gift basket. It’s a cleaning powerhouse and can be used on a variety of surfaces. Mix vinegar with some tap water in a spray bottle and use it to dust and clean glass and other surfaces.

Along with vinegar, baking soda, another powerful, natural cleaner, belongs in a natural cleaning gift basket. It is an effective scouring powder for sinks, toilets and tubs.

Store Bought Natural Cleaners

Cleaning products from Simple Pure Clean are a great addition to a natural cleaning gift basket. They offer a variety of effective cleaners, from dusting spray to scouring powder. Simple Pure Clean products are available at Green Home Green Earth on the web. Seventh Generation also offers a line of natural cleaning products. You can find Seventh Generation products at grocery and department stores.

Feather Duster

Feather dusters aren’t as quaint as they seem. They are an effective cleaning tool when made of natural materials. Skip the synthetics and include a real ostrich feather duster or a lambs wool duster in the gift basket. Include mini dusters that can be used for dusting small details.

Dust Mop

Before there was the Swiffer, there was the old-fashioned dust mop. You can still find a good quality dust mop at most department stores in the cleaning supplies aisle. Like the Swiffer, they have a swivel head to enable you to get under furniture and in corners.

Lightly spray a dust mop with vinegar and water cleaner so that it will pick up more dust, dirt and pet hair. The dust mop head can be removed from the handle and thrown in the laundry to clean it periodically.

Cleaning Rags

There is more to clean with than disposable wipes and paper towels. Include some cotton rags in the gift basket. A chamois leather cleaning cloth is also a nice addition to a cleaning gift basket. Chamois can be used to dry surfaces after they have been wiped down and to clean windows.

Laundry Basket or Mop Bucket

Combine all the items in a laundry basket or large mop bucket. Line the basket with some 100% cotton bath towels and tie a pretty ribbon around the handle.

Give a natural cleanering gift basket to convert your friends and loved ones to natural cleaners. Once they discover how effective cleaning with natural cleaners is, they won’t switch back to harsh, chemical cleaners.

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