Product Review: Senseo Coffeemaker

Two years ago I used my Christmas money to purchase the Senseo Coffeemaker. The senseo pot was even on Martha Stewarts Apprentice and candidates had to sell as many as they could after opening their own store. I loved that episode and I already owned my pot so I knew it was a good product. The show did not last but the coffeemaker has.

I have always been a lover of coffee. I like it plain, Starbucks, Joe Muggs, convenient store cappucino, and any espresso. My favorite is a tall, skinny latte. I have never been a huge fan of iced coffee and prefer my java hot. I can honestly say that the Senseo Coffeemaker is one of the best investments I have ever made, and it paid for itself. I do not live near a starbucks but I was stopping every morning and purchasing a cappucino beverage from my favorite convenient store. Now I just purchase pods and flavor with my favorite flavored creamers.

I really like the sleek design of the Senseo. It takes up little space and I do not mind leaving it on my cabinet. The machine has two removable pod holders that allow you to chose to make one or two cup servings. A two cup serving requires two senseo pods. By simply using the top lever to raise the top portion of the pot you can easily place your pod holder into position and add pods of coffee. Make sure the top portion is closed and the lever firmly pulled down or you will have hot water spewing on the cabinet. The cup servings are small so I frequently chose a two cup serving and use a large coffee cup. When you have chosen your serving size you will snap off the water storage container from the back and fill it with water. The storage container has lines that tell you one cup or two cup size. Place storage container of water back in place. Place your cup under the pour spout on the front and push the middle button turning the maker on. The light will flash and when the flashing stops the maker is ready to be used. The button on the far left will make one serving and the button on the right will make two servings.

You will immediately see rich, fragrant coffee pouring into your cup, and best of all the top is frothy. I love the flothy topping. All that is left to do is add creamer or sugar if desired.

The pot is easy to clean. Wipe off with a rag and pour the water out of the back reservoir or storage container, raise the top portion and run the pod holder under warm water and place back in the machine for safe keeping. If you want to clean your pot inside out then fill the reservoir and place a small saucepan or bowl under the pour spout. Carefully push the one and two serving buttons located on the left and right of the control panel at the same time. The reservoir will empty hot water into the saucepan or bowl.

The senseo pods cost about $3.96 for 16-18 pods at Walmart. I personally like to use Folgers Pods in my pot.

Money saving tip:

I buy Folger pods at Walmart for about $4.00. I usually get a strong roast like 100% Columbian with 18 single serve coffee pods. I use ONE POD to make a TWO SERVING size cup of coffee. The same great flavor with less waste. To do this use the single serving size pod holder, place one pod in the machine but push the two serving cup size for brewing instead of the one cup serving size.

The Senseo Coffeemaker would make a good wedding or Christmas gift, or for use at home. You do not have to make a full pot of coffee you just make what you need. I hope you will try the Senseo you will not be disappointed.

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