Gods of War for Playstation 2: Cheats

Gods of War for Playstation 2
Cheat codes, hints, tips and ideas for play

Gods of War is an immensely popular Playstation 2 game. With the right cheats, codes, tips and tricks you can fly through this game and unlock all its secrets. What to expect in Gods of War are:
The Gods:

Undead Legionnaires
Cerberus Dogs

Poseidon’s Rage
Medusa’s Gaze
Zeus’ Fury
Army of Hades
Blade of Artemis

Additional Costumes and Their Powers:
(to unlock additional costumes, beat the God of War’s Challenge of the Gods)
Chef of War:
Damage Power 100%
Defense Power 100%
Magic 300%
Health 150%
Experience 100%

Damage Power 50%
Defense Power 100%
Magic 150%
Health 300%
Experience 100%

Damage Power 200%
Defense Power 25%
Magic 100%
Health 100%
Experience 400%

Dairy Bastard:
Damage Power 50%
Defense Power 100%
Magic 200%
Health 200%
Experience 200%
BONUS: Dairy Bastard has infinite magic supply.

Ares Armor:
Damage Power 200%
Defense Power 400%
Magic 100%
Health 200%
Experience 200%

Different areas, levels, and events can happen with beating the game. Beating Gods of War on any difficulty level will result in the following:
God Mode
Character Graveyard
Challenge of the Gods
In-Game Movies
Deleted Levels
Heroic Possibilities
Visions of Ancient Greece
Monsters of Myth
Birth of the Beast

Beating the Gods of War in Spartan Mode will result in:
A Secret Revealed
Fate of the Titan

And beating the game on God Mode will give you the Secret Message.

To get the 2nd Secret Message:
Complete the Gods of War Challenges

For infinite Ammo:
Pause game, then hit Select, Select, Circle, Circle, R1, R1, Start.

Faster Moves:
Press Right stick forward to roll, then press R1 to do a Hermes Rush before roll stops. Repeat to move faster.

Pause during play, and at “Power Ups” menu hit: Circle, Circle, Square, Square, X, L2, L2

Every Power(You currently have) Maxed Out
Pause during play and hit: L1, L1, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, L1, L1

Hades Army
Complete the Hades maze and the other things in the doom room in Hades. Return to the room with a monster on the opposite side of the door as you, walk near it after you beat him. Talk to the red shield and you receive Hades Army.

Free Experience Orbs
After beating the Hydra and first level, Jump on the bed inside the large ship. Press Circle to start a minigame. After completing the minigame you will get red orbs.

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