Google Adwords, Promoting Goods and Services

Google offers a program called Adwords. Adwords lets you generate specific and targeted ads to promote your goods and services. Adwords allows you to customize your ad, run simultaneous ads and reword your ad to see what performs better.

The key to Google Adwords is in your keywords and keyword phrases. You place a bid for certain words or phrases, and your ranking is based on who has the highest paying bid on each word at the time. If two other people have bid more than you have for a key word or phrase, then your ad will show up third. It will be below the higher paying ads, and above the lower paying ads. This simple process allows you to specify where you want your ad to be.

When choosing Google Adwords ads, it is important to set a budget and know what it will cost you to run your ad. You can set a budget of a certain amount of money per month, or just pay for how many times your ad is clicked on without a budget set. You can also select how long you want your ad to run. One of the neat tools they offer lets you evaluate where your ad will place based on the budget amount you have set. If you set a budget of $1.00 per day and select this preview tool, you can see if you will need to bid more than this, or you may not need to bid as much. There is a minimum of five cents for words or phrases to be active.

Google Adwords also shows you reports of what words and phrases are being used and how often somebody clicks on your ad based on those words. This allows you the opportunity to look at what is and what isn’t working for your campaign.

Google Adwords allows you to run numerous campaigns as well. You can have ads running for different products or services and keep them organized as well. The interface is user friendly and very basic. There are options for more advanced reports as well as directions on how to use them at their website.

One other option that Google Adwords offers is the ability to not only use your keywords to be promoted, but also to show during content that is similar to what you are targeting. Google Adwords will show an impression of your ad on a web page that offers ads that are similar to what your ad is about.

Google Adwords is a simple and effective tool for business promotion.

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