Grand Theft Auto: LIberty City Stories – PSP Playstation Portable Game Review

The Play Station Portable, otherwise known as the PSP, had its first Grand Theft Auto Game released with a huge hit! Grand Theft Auto is a fairly well known game for its reputation of influencing teenagers to do insane and crazy things, along with getting a huge hit in the economical gaming market at the same time. The game was a smash hit to the PSP, and was bought by many.

The game features interactive wireless play via the PSP’s infrared wireless-B module, so you can have up to 6 players playing at once. The game was rated M+17 for blood and gore, intense violence, strong language, strong sexual content, and use of drugs. As you can clearly see, the game has a well balanced diet of pure evil, and this is the reason many state legislatures are trying to outlaw this game, along with changing the rating to AO (Adults Only).

The game itself is the same as all other Grand Theft Auto games alike, where you are the bad guy, assigned to running errands for the ones who are over you. You go around, stealing cars, killing mafia, beating grandmas with baseball bats, going to strip clubs, and being the bad guy. Rockstar is well known for their games to be violent, and GTA always takes the cake.

When first brought up in the gaming world about the release of a GTA game, the world of gamers were inconspicuously concerned about the game play and the functions of the controls. With the PSP only having one analog stick for control, the car and walking movements might make for a terrible loss.

But Rockstar pulled it off, after configuring the system to be able to move the camera view along with the person at just the right place, along with using a non-used button during regular game play to shift the camera view to a better angle, thus preventing a lack of two analog stick features.

The game itself is incredibly big and long to just fit on a small UMD (Universal Media Disk). It is also a continuation of Grand Theft Auto III, the biggest Playstation 2 hit ever. Same town, different character. Many newer vehicles, along with the classics. This is the Grand Theft Auto III for Playstation 2 owners to be able to play with on the go with enhanced features. Not to mention, Rockstar has made planes (supposedly) to have another GTA game released to market called “Vice City Stories” after GTA4 (Grand Theft Auto Vice City).

It’s up to you to keep chaos in the city and crimes running amuck. Good luck on your mission to do everything your parents never condoned. This game has always been a thrill to play with as you have both a story line that’s optional to follow, along with freelance playing. This game has gotten “A” reviews across the board at gaming websites such as Have fun with this game and good luck on finishing it! It takes quite a while!

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