Great Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Are you a freelance writer? Or do you want to be? If so, then you probably know just how challenging it can be to find writing assignments. Here are several great websites that list freelance writing jobs to get you started. At these websites you will find plenty of assignments to keep you busy for quite some time.

Deborah Ng’s Blog –
At Deborah Ng’s Blog you will find a wide variety of assignments – she seems to search many sources for you, saving you lots of time and hassle. She finds many creative assignments as well as technical writing assignments and even grant writing positions as well. You are sure to find something at this blog to please you. Also very impressive is the wide variety of assignments that are appropriate for your professional level – someone just starting out as a freelance writer will probably find some assignments to apply for, as well as a seasoned professional who has been at this for years. This is a great blog!

Sun Oasis, Freelance Writing Jobs Section –
This website lists many freelance writing assignments, most are listed by what area of the country they are in. In some cases it is important that the writer live in the same part of the country that the publication is in – other times the writer can be literally at the other end of the country and it will not matter one bit, it is important to read each listing to see if you meet the requirements. Also at this website some listings are for employers who are looking for full time freelancers, so if you are looking for a full time position as a freelancer, this is a great place to look. –
What can I say about that hasn’t already been said? It’s a terrific website? Simply search under both “writing gigs” and Writing/Editing” and see what positions exist. Sometimes freelance positions are listed under “Writing/Editing”. A good way to find them is to select the “telecommute” selection when you are doing your search, that can be very helpful. Another great tip – search in major metropolitan areas, especially if you live in a much smaller area and you are not finding that many freelance writing opportunities. Remember that freelance writers don’t always need to be in the same area as their employer. One of my freelance writing clients was in Hawaii. I sadly, wasn’t.

Inky –
You’ve got to love Inky Girl by Debbie Ridpath Ohi. It is a charming, colorful website. Be sure to check out her Will Write for Chocolate cartoon – it’s a stitch! This website lists ONLY telecommuting freelance writing jobs, so you are sure to find something that you can do as a freelance writer. Jobs appear very quickly at this website so it is a great website to check back two or three times every week., Freelance Writing section – is well known as a website with great information and their Freelance Writing section certainly is very helpful. There are articles posted every week on freelance writing topics of interest. Freelance writing jobs are also posted every other week, from a wide variety of sources.

Well this list of places should get you started. Best of luck with your writing!

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