Green Cleaning Your Home

In today’s economy, most of us are trying to save money as well as trying to save the planet. So going green has a double meaning for us. In this series of articles, I will pass along some tips I have used with some degree of success. You will not get rich but you can save a few bucks that will add up over time. Also, on the plus side you can eliminate many of the harsh chemicals used in your home. We all have learned that these contribute to asthma, allergies, and a host of other ailments.

So let’s begin in the living room/family room with the windows. A spray bottle filled with vinegar and water will cut through most window film and hazy build up easily. Mix about 1 quart cool water with Ã?½ cup of white vinegar. Try a bartender’s trick and use crumpled newspaper instead of paper towels to get them sparkling clean. Already you are saving money. Window cleaner and paper towels over the course of one year add up.

Now go green on your wooden furniture and shelves. They can be cleaned and oiled with 2 parts olive oil and 1 part lemon juice. This makes a great green cleaner and conditioner with a clean citrus smell. To remove any white rings from wood try mixing some instant coffee (make it thick) and rub it into the white mark. Only use this on real wood.

To freshen the carpet sprinkle baking soda on it and leave for at least 15 minutes before you vacuum. For dirt and greasy spots on your carpet, try sprinkling cornstarch on the spot and leave 10 to 15 minutes before you vacuum. Club soda works well on wine stains. And those crayon masterpieces left on walls by our little ones can usually be removed with hair spray and a little scrubbing.

And that messy fireplace can be brought the a gleaming finish in no time. If you have copper or brass decorations that have gotten tarnished you can use toothpaste to green clean them to a bright new look. Fireplace bricks that have gotten black with soot will green clean up by dipping a vegetable brush in vinegar and scrubbing. Be sure to sponge up any drips right away. That vinegar works well on the glass fireplace doors as well.

You know how the television screen always seems to get dusty again right after you clean it? Try green cleaning it with alcohol. This will not prevent dust accumulation but it will prevent it from happening as quickly as it would normally. To green clean silk flowers and artificial plants of built up dust put them in a large paper bag add table salt and shake. Well now, the living room is looking good next time we will take on the kitchen. Remember, clean green when ever and where ever you can to save the planet and your money.

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