Product Review of Bissell Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner

I am admittedly not a fan of cleaning my oven. Since the oven is not self-cleaning, though, I occasionally just have to grit my teeth and do it. When oven cleaning time rolls around, I need an oven cleaner that is tougher than the grime baked on to the inside of my oven.

I have tried every oven cleaner on the shelves of my local grocery and discount stores. Bissell Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner is by far my favorite. It more than follows through on its promise to “Turn Baked-On Black Grease to Soapy-Brown Foam.”

There are several uses for this oven cleaner. I have used it in each capacity, and the following are my experiences and opinions.

Bissell Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner can be used to clean heavily soiled ovens in one of two ways. You can spray the oven down with the cleaner and leave it overnight, or for at least eight hours. Or for faster results, you can preheat the oven to 200°, turn it off, spray it down with the cleaner and let it set five to six minutes.

Due to time constraints and my preference for immediate results, I usually use the quick method. It works quite well, and watching the foam cleaner sizzle as it goes to work is very gratifying. In less than ten minutes, the oven is ready to wipe down and rinse. With the exception of a stubborn spot or two, no real scrubbing is needed. Baked-on grease and food wipe away cleanly. My only real complaint is the harsh fumes produced when the product is sprayed directly onto the hot oven’s surface. I like to wear a mask or handkerchief over my nose and mouth, turn on the fans, and open the windows while I clean.

The overnight method is much less pungent than the quick one. Although this process takes longer, the results are just as reliable. I like using this method when my children will be near the kitchen, and it is too cold to open the windows.

Bissell Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner can also be used between heavy cleanings, either on really baked-on spots or for light cleanings. Of course, when it is used regularly in these capacities, there will be no real need for the heavier cleanings!

Recently when baking an apple pie, I forgot to place a cookie sheet under it. The filling bubbled over, and by the time my pie was done, the bottom of my oven had several baked-on black puddles of pie filling. I simply waited until the oven cooled off to around 200°, sprayed these spots with the Bissell cleaner and let is set for about 15 minutes as directed. When I came back to wipe the oven down, I was pleasantly surprised to find the puddles almost completely dissipated.

Since my last big cleaning, I have vowed to include oven cleaning among my weekly housekeeping chores. Now, on a weekly basis, I use the Bissell Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner as a light cleaner by spraying down the oven when it is cold and letting it set for around 20 minutes before wiping away the foam.

I use my oven at least once a day for both cooking and baking. It can quickly become covered in grime and baked-on food, but with Bissell Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner, cleaning up the mess is no longer such a time-consuming or laborious chore.

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