Guide to Arts in Southwest Louisiana

The arts of Southwest Louisiana include galleries, theaters and art centers. Visitors interested in the arts of Southwest Louisiana will enjoy the exhibits offered at Abercrombie Gallery, ACTS Theatre, the Arts Associate Gallery, Artisans Gallery, Black Heritage Gallery and Central Schools Arts and Humanities Center.

A fine place to begin looking for the arts of Southwest Louisiana is Abercrombie Gallery. Abercrombie Gallery, located on the McNeese State University Campus, in the Sherman Fine Arts Building, features works from McNeese students and faculty as well as exhibits brought in from artists throughout the country. For more information, call 1-800-622-3352.

ACTS (Artist Civic Theatre and Studio) Theatre, located at One Reid Street, Lake Charles, offers Cabaret, plays and musicals as its contribution to the arts of Southwest Louisiana. ACTS also offers CST (Civic Student Theatre) with classes in the spring. The students participating in the spring classes are cast in a production presented during Contraband Days. For more information, call 337-433-2287 or visit

Art Associates Gallery located at 809 Kirby Street, Lake Charles, showcases art from regional, national and international artists, exposing the art lovers of this area to other artists and their works. For more information, call 337-439-ARTS.

Artisans Gallery, located at 1001 Ryan Street, Lake Charles, aides the arts of Southwest Louisiana by giving local artists the opportunity to display and sell their projects. Visitors to this gallery will find furniture, ceramics, sculptures, jewelry and paintings. For more information, call 337-491-9147.

Black Heritage Gallery, located in the Central School Arts and Humanities Center at 809 Kirby Street, Ste. 207, Lake Charles. This gallery features works of African-American culture and history by displaying exhibits and hosting educational activities year round promoting Southwestern Louisiana African-Americans and positive contributions to the area. For more information, call 337-497-0026.

Central School Arts and Humanities Center, located at 809 Kirby Street, Lake Charles, is the home to the Arts and Humanities Council of Southwest Louisiana. The arts of Southwest Louisiana are the main focus of this facility. Any visitor here will find this to be true. This facility is also home to many other arts-related and non-profit organizations as well as the Mardi Gras Museum of Imperial Calcasieu. The Mardi Gras Museum of Imperial Calcasieu showcases the grand celebration, which is Mardi Gras in Southwest Louisiana. For more information, call 337-491-1292 or visit

Lake Charles Little Theater, located at 813 Enterprise Blvd, Lake Charles, offers plays that are a survey course in English and American Literature as well as translating the literature. These shows entertain, enlighten and expand the cultural horizons of the patrons who witness them. For more information, call 337-433-7988 or visit

The arts of Southwest Louisiana help visitors to this area discover the beauty of the area through the eyes of the artists who live here and enjoy it, while providing a cultural treat for both the native to Southwest Louisiana and the guest.

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