Guide to Helping People Save Money

You have found the right place to get the exact information that you are interested in regarding different methods to help you along with others to save money. You will be amazed at how much money you can save if you just follow the few methods.


You can use coupons for online purchases or for the local store(s) in your area. You can find fanastic coupon deals on the internet that you just print on your printer and take into the store or use online. Another great idea is to look through the regular mail that you get weekly. They often have coupons in those weekly ads.

You can sign up for a e-mail newsletter through one of your favorite places often they usually will send out coupons or samples to the people who read the newsletter. When a product is new they will usually give away free samples to bribe customers to buy the product.


Rebates are another great way to save money. You can look for rebate deals for certain stores either on the internet or for one that you like to visit locally in your area. Most rebates usually will send you out the check to you within a few weeks. Some other companies can take almost two months or longer just to send out a check to you for the rebate amount.

Most companies will let you submit the information for the rebate over the internet on the companies website. The companies website will speed up the process of sending out the rebate check to you since they don’t have to wait for the upc paperwork in the regular mail.

If the companies require you to send in the rebate information through the regular mail please make sure to make a copy of everything before you send the originals to them just in case they get lost.

Soda Pop

I bet you are suprised to see soda pop listed here. Have you ever really added up how much money you spend per week or month on soda pop? It adds up quite fast if you drink soda pop. A little bottle of soda pop from the gas station or local mini mart will cost you about $1.00 or more. You can go a regular grocery store and buy a big bottle of soda pop for about $1.80 or less, depending upon where you shop at.

With a big bottle of soda you can just keep refilling a smaller soda pop bottle to take with you in the morning on the way to work or in the lovely afternoons. It will help you save money and plus give you more extra soda pop to drink without costing very much at all.

If you like soda in a can better than bottled soda you can always since it is still cheaper is just buy a six pack of soda pop from the local grocery store instead of buying it at the gas station or min mart.


You also can save money by going to the library in your area. You can read many interesting books all day long for free and also use the internet there. It is also a great place to read magazines for free. They usually have movies on DVD or VHS available. The movies are usually family type movies.

It is amazing at the different variety of topics that you can learn about at the library for free. At the library they also usually have children story time during the day for the little ones. The library also has great book sales througout the year at a very cheap price for books and magazines.


When at the local grocery look for coupons for products to save even more money on a item. They usually have coupons in the aisles in the grocery store near certain items. Check your local paper for food coupons and also check online for coupons for your local grocery store.

Most important go look in the day old section or clearance items for some last minute great deals on meat and other various food items that are still good. Use can also use smaller portions of meat in your meals to save money. Use more veggies and less meat in the meals.

If you buy store brand items instead of the expensive brand names it is usually cheaper and usually tastes almost the same as the expensive brand names. Cooking food at your house is much cheaper than eating out at restaurants everyday.

Car Repair

You can do allot of simple car repairs yourself. It is easy most of the time to put in a new headlight or a new battery. Now if you go to change a tail light that can be tricky sometimes, but it is still easy to change a tail light depending upon what type of car you drive. Something simple like putting on a new mirror can also save you money.

You can save money on car parts by going to a junk yard to get a part for much cheaper. Another option regarding car parts is to go buy the car part at like a shop and then take it to the mechanic shop to have them put it on your car. Buying the parts yourself the mechanic can’t charge you allot of money for the parts since it is just labor time for him to put the parts in the car.

Going on Vacation

When you plan to go on a vacation you can find great fanastic deals on the internet for mini vacations. If you decide to cook in your hotel room in the kitchen you will save money instead of going out to eat at restaurants. Now days it is usually cheaper to fly on airplane to your vacation spot than it is to drive. Most of all just have a fun time while on vacation!


Some people prefer to shop at thift shops for clothes that have designer brand names on them. The clothes are still almost new , but also in perfect condition most of the time. Clearance Sales at other stores are also another great way to find fanastic deals on clothes. Have fun shopping for clothes!

Membership Cards offered by Different Companies

Membership cards can save you money even though they usually have a yearly fee to get discounts. They have all sorts of membership cards at wholesale club warehouses that sell food in bulk and other various household items in bulk. Another option is getting a membership card for discounts on services such as car rentals or vacation. In addition emergency roadside assistence for your car if it ever breaks down or has other car problems is also an option.

You can often get cashback or points at the end of each year depending upon how much merchandise you buy throughout the entire year at the wholesale club warehouses.

I hope that this article has helped you along with other people that are interested in saving money.

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