Guide to Learning About the Risks of Tobacco Smoking

Are you a tobacco smoker or do you know someone that smokes? This is a guide to learning about the risks of tobacco smoking.

Smoking tobacco is one of the top addictions in the U.S. The National Center for Chronic Disease prevention and health promotion states that “An estimated, 20.9 percent of all adults (44.5 million people) smoke cigarettes in the United States.” That is a very high level of people who are addicted to nicotine. Nicotine addiction is a very serious matter especially health wise. People who are chronic smokers have a higher risk of getting lung cancer, heart problems, and other health risks.

Unfortunately now days it is really hard for a person to stop smoking especially if they started at a young age. Teenagers and young adults are very prone to being addicted to smoking tobacco. Especially since tobacco companies are still advertising like crazy to the younger crowds.

However there are also advertisements that counter those of tobacco companies. Some commercials that have been shown on television show the real facts behind smoking tobacco and the gruesome health effects that it has. Yet people still buy cigarettes even though they know the effects of them.

Nicotine addiction is very strong and for smokers to become healthy again and live longer lives they have to be able to overcome the addiction. There are many ways for people to stop smoking. One way for someone to quite smoking is to stop buying cigarettes and disassociate from people who do smoke. Other ways include 12 step programs, or using things like nicotine patches, and gum. Some people even try meditation or going cold turkey which can sometimes be very hard to do.

However the most important thing before someone can stop smoking is that they want to stop smoking and gain the courage to do so. Most people don’t want to stop, but if they have loved ones to encourage and support them to they may be able to overcome the addiction easier.

Smoking doesn’t only affect the people who use tobacco but also affects their love ones and people who they associate with. Second hand smoke also causes health problems for individuals that don’t even smoke. Just by breathing in the smoke from people who do smoke on a daily basis can be unhealthy as well. Smoke makes clothes smell bad, causes bad breath, yellow teeth, smelly hair, and an unhealthy breathing environment for others. A person who smokes is not only hurting their bodies, but also may be hurting others as well.

It may be hard to stop smoking but if you really want to there are so many ways and people who can support you. If you are thinking about smoking you should reconsider it especially if you are young. Living a long and healthy live excludes smoking and ruining your longs. If you would like to learn more about the affects of smoking there are many websites online that can help you. Just remember that smoking is not a positive thing for your body.

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