How to Avoid Back Pain during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a new challenge for the body. With the increased weight, there is greater strain on the back muscles. There are also changes in the posture of pregnant women. The abdominal muscles which support the spine also frown weak, contributing to back pain. Furthermore, hormones released to relax the ligament in the pelvic area to let the baby pass through also cause back pain when the joints become too flexible. One reason or the other, most pregnant women face back pain during this period. There are many suggestions you can use to prevent this pain.


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    Light but regular exercise helps keep the muscles strong and increases the support to your back. engage in any activity that makes your body work. However, it is advised to take a break from heavy exercise regimens during pregnancy and keep to light activities. Walking and stationary cycling are two safe exercises pregnant women can engage in to strengthen their spine. Yoga can also be fruitful.

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    With the weight of the baby, a pregnant mother's body starts slouching down and this puts a strain on your spine muscles, in turn leading to back pain. You have to practice a straight back posture to counter the slouching at all times. Have a straight back during walking and sitting. Lie on your sides during sleeping. Keep the chest high and the shoulders back. While sitting, sit in chairs which have a high back support.

    If you have a very soft mattress, you can place a hardboard between the mattress and the box spring so that you have a firm support on your back.

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    Even in normal days, high heels can place a strain on your back. During pregnancy, this pregnancy is manifold. So the right selection of shoes is very important. Choose low heel shoes you are comfortable in. If you plan to stand for a long time, place one of your feet on a low stool for support and relief. During long standing hours, take short sitting breaks.

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    Avoid lifting up great weights during pregnancy. Not only will it cause greater back pain but will also lead to complications in birth. Ask someone for help when you have to lift weights. Whenever you have to bend down, do not do it from the waist. Bend your knees, squat and then bend on your legs.

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