Hair Removal Tips for Women

Hair removal is tricky, and no one product or technique is perfect for every job, but there are tricks that will make it easier and more affordable. I’m of Italian descent (so I’m on the hairy side) and have to do significant hair removal for both personal grooming and professional purposes (modeling and acting means I can’t be sloppy about it).

Over the years, I’ve discovered the following things:

1. Men’s products work better and are more affordable
Men’s shaving creams are richer, and better for the skin and are usually at least $1 cheaper than products designed for women. You’ll get a closer shave and have softer legs if you use these. Personally, I also find the scents of these products more soothing, fainter, and more natural. Men’s razors are also generally better. Advanced to men’s razers (bladenumber, other features) usually are released before comprable women’s products and again, the price is better.

2. Chemical hair removers are trickier than you think
Do an allergy test before you use these, and if you are using them on the bikini area, trim first and be prepared to ruin at least two towels. Also, if your bathroom doesn’t have a window, find somewhere else to apply the product. so you don’t get lightheaded or nauseated.

3. At home waxing can work
But remember that it’s hard for most people to inflict pain on themselves, and if you don’t rip off the wax fast enough, the hair and the wax will stay on you and it will hurt anyway. It’s best to limit at home waxing to legs and arms. Be sure always to use heated wax products (there are ones that don’t require heating, but the simple fact is, THEY JUST DON’T WORK reliably). The more affordable products can be heated right in your microwave and work just as well as machines designed for the purpose. Also, finding machine refills is difficult, so stick with the microwave products.

4. Consider bleaching, but not where you think.
Sometimes, you have dark hair in places you don’t want it, but the area would look odd totally hairless (like your arms), consider facial bleaching products for these areas. When it comes to the face though, waxing from a professional is the one true way. Bleached facial hair may not be visible, but it still will make your lipstick look imperfect.

5. Tweezing isn’t just for eyebrows.
In fact, it can be used for cleanup anywhere.

6. Skincare
Razor bumps can be eliminated by not shaving every day. If you don’t need to have perfectly smooth skin for a day, just wait, you’ll get closer shaves and have better skin for it. Applications of olive oil or talc (not both) can also soothe skin irritated from hair removal. Be sure not to apply alcohol based perfumes to recently shaves areas, it will irritate them and cause redness, swelling and bumps. Shaving back and forth both against and towards the hair growth direction provides a closer shave and help exfoliate, allowing for fewer ingrown hairs

Of course, if it’s in your time and budget, there’s something to be said for professional waxing. The first time you visit a new waxing place, be sure to only get your legs or other not-so-sensitive area waxed to see how you react to their wax and any moisturizer they may use afterwards. Don’t have waxing work done on your face or bikini area until your second visit, or else you might face unwanted redness or breakouts.

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