Halloween Decorations Storage in Five Simple Steps

Most people go out of their way to decorate their house for Halloween; they spend on black cats, plastic witches, ghosts, and other artistic Halloween theme dÃ?©cor. After all the fun is over and the big bucks have been spent they toss it in the garbage can. Why do people do this? They don’t want to spend the time to diligently store away their items for next year. But despite the small amount of effort one must endure for storage; you will save money on Halloween decorations, if you just recycle them year after year. There’s no need to throw away all those great Halloween decorations when you can safely store them away for the next twelve months. Here are five simple guidelines to storing away Halloween decorations for next year:

First off you must have a destination to store all your items away. This can be a storage closet, an attic, or rented storage space. The cheapest route is to just stuff it in your attic above, where it’s out of reach.

Secondly, you want to have adequate storage units to put away all your decorations in. A person can utilize special plastic bags with a wrap, cardboard boxes, plastic storage bins from the container store, or just stuff the stuff in as is; this is the way to go if your d�©cor is made of strong unbreakable materials.

Third you might want to have some kind of storage system for Halloween. Store all fragile items together, stronger goods put together, and label what is inside each container, and create an easy inventory chart with letters or numbers.

Fourth keep the storage space clean, organized, make sure that it is well lit when you go in to take things out or put things in for later use. If it’s an attic that is exposed to the outdoors you might want to make sure you deal with any possible dangers, so your storage space is safe. You don’t want to worry about black widows, rats, or other kinds of dangers; leave out mousetraps, rat poison, or poison for spiders.

Fifth make sure that when you package your items you take special care of them. Be aware of moths, silverfish, and other critters that can destroy your decorations. You can use mothballs, or wrap your goods many times with plastic wrap.

If you observe these five simple guidelines you can preserve your Halloween goods for years and years to come.

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