Happy Independence Day

Promises That Are True Daily promises from God’s word “So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.” John 8:36 (NLT)

As I sit here and think of Independence Day, I knew I needed to honor the day and the Lord by reminding myself about the independence that God has given us. When I was a child growing up, the fourth of July used to be one of my favorite holidays. Maybe because it was in the same month of my birthday; or maybe it was the feeling of celebration that was in the air when the crowds gathered and the fireworks went off. Excitement was everywhere! Of course, as a young child, I really didn’t understand the word independence, or what the holiday was really celebrating.

Now, as an adult I see more clearly what the word independence means. I can almost envision what the soldiers must have felt when they had discovered that the war for our freedom was over and they had won! I can picture the celebrations that would have spread spontaneously across this great land. (Well the part that was ours at the time!)

Stopping to think about this holiday we are celebrating all over this country, has shed a new light on this section of scripture. So often I settle into my little religious box, and read the words, and pray the prayers; but the depth of the truth written or spoken barely skims my heart. But today has been different; after many years of being a Christian, I am finally starting to see clearly what this verse means.

Oh, I’ve always known the verse, I’ve often quoted the words, and I’ve prayed to have that freedom. Today, however, I am finally seeing it in a new light. I am finally understanding that I have been given independence; independence from the bondage of sin.

Sin, every sin, will place us in bondage. Some sins seem to hold a stronger grip than others, but all sins will enslave us.

However, when we come to Christ Jesus our Lord, and confess our sins, He frees us. He breaks all the bonds that would hold you. As long as we seek to walk in His ways, He gives us complete freedom from the sins that so easily ensnare us. Those sins can only have power over us if we choose our own path and live our lives according to our own ways.

Imagine the glorious joy and peace those soldiers, who had been far from homes and loved ones, who had suffered extreme cold and sicknesses, who had fought for freedom, must have felt when they finally realized they had been granted freedom! Shouts of joy, dancing, signing, laughing, talking, praying, and crying: all these emotions would have been in their hearts.
When you give everything to Christ and choose to follow Him; when you take up your cross daily and die to yourself in order to live for Him, He breaks the chains that held you. Then you will want to jump and shout because you’ll know you are free.

Sometimes we can come to Christ for our salvation but still hold on to areas in our lives that we are not willing to let go of. Those areas are not worth holding on to! Whether it be bitterness, jealousy, control, lust, lying, cheating, or whatever, let go of it. God’s heart is a heart of love. He so much wants to see those chains broken from you. Don’t be a prisoner to the lie, but be set free by the truth! And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. (John 3:32 NLT)

Meditate on the things of God!

Tracy Finney

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