Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Products are the Best

Hawaiian Tropic has been manufacturing tanning lotions and oils for many years and I’ve used their products often. Although nowadays I get out for days in the sun less and less – so I tend to use no-sun lotions – Hawaiian Tropic is the best for days by the beach or doing outdoor sports.

A friend introduced me to the Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil many years ago when we had decided to lay out in the sun for the afternoon. I immediately became addicted to the scent of the oil when she was applying it to herself. It had a coconut-type scent that reminded me of being on a desert island. After borrowing some it became my number one brand of suntan oil.

If you prefer lotions to oils, Hawaiian Tropic has it. If you prefer spritz-on rather than rub-on types, they’ve got it. Worried about the sun’s dangerous rays? Don’t. Hawaiian Tropic products now have a wide range of protective lotions and oils that lets the consumer choose the SPF.

Although they also make sunless products, my personal favorite as mentioned above is the oil. After using it and lying in the sun for about 3 hours, I was so dark I couldn’t believe it. I thought it would fade overnight but that wasn’t the case. I looked as though I had been laying out many, many hours. Of course, I have to say that it’s never been difficult for me to tan, but not like this!

The entire Hawaiian Tropic line of products is designed so that everyone can find exactly what they need. For instance, if you work in an office and get outdoors seldom, they have lotions specifically designed to tan your face. If you play sports, and end up having to use more and more of your tanning product, try the Hawaiian Tropic Sport, which has a great scent and stays on for hours.

Hawaiian Tropic has an array of products for children, too. Hawaiian Tropic Baby Faces protects babies’ tender skin on faces, legs, arms and back. They also sell lip care and after sun applications that reduce freckles and eliminate any after-sun burning or itching.

If you’re fair-complected and don’t want a really dark tan, you’ll find just the right kind of lotion or oil for yourself. If you do want a really dark tan choose the Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil and you won’t be disappointed.

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