Healthy Eating in Brattleboro, Vermont

Entering Brattleboro is like stepping back in time, to a happier, healthier day, when everything wasn’t all about money, and sometimes the most stressful decision you had to make was whether to have chocolate or vanilla ice cream for dessert. This small city practically radiates life, from the large, picturesque common area looking over the beautiful Retreat pond, to the many happy faces that can be seen walking up and down bustling Main Street, to the families that can often be seen enjoying a picnic on the art museum’s lawn. People who pass through Brattleboro are extremely lucky in that they have the chance to share in some of the charm of the city through the many wonderful healthy restaurants scattered about the landscape. Presented here are a scant handful of Brattleboro’s most delicious offerings.

Perhaps the most well known healthy locale in the entire city is the Brattleboro Food Co-op, a health-food store located at the beginning of Main Street. Begun in 1975 as a small buying co-operative of friends, the BFC has grown to become a large grocery store today, offering many organic and natural products, including local produce. The Co-op also boasts a full deli, with a wide selection of healthy foods, served both hot and cold. On any given day, the discerning shopper can find fully-prepared vegan and vegetarian meals, including several tofu dishes, as well as hot roasted chicken, numerous types of salads, and all sorts of soups. A “grab-and-go” station lets busy people grab a pre-packaged healthy dish quickly, but the real charm of the deli comes in the sit-in cafÃ?©, where shoppers can rest and enjoy a bagel, some BBQ ribs, or even a fresh sandwich. Prices range from $2 – $10, with bulk orders possible. Catering is also available for private functions.

Another well known place to eat is seasonal, and consists of many local farmers coming together to offer fresh produce, meals, and a general good time. The bi-weekly Farmer’s Market, which begins in early May and continues through late October, is a wonderful place for folks to go, examine and buy healthy, local, and usually organic local fruits and vegetables, and even enjoy a meal of fresh corn on the cob, roasted chicken, and lemonade. The Market happens twice a week, Saturday mornings and Wednesday afternoons, and showcases community at its finest. Prices range from $1 up, depending on the particular vendors present on any given day.

For a slightly more formal healthy eating experience, visitors can turn to the Marina, a restaurant sitting directly on the peaceful Connecticut River, and offering outside dining, a view of some of the best views in the Green Mountain State, and a wonderful menu, from burgers made your way to New England baked scrod to tender filet mignons. Visitors to the Marina are treated to some of the best dining in the area, and always leave full and happy. Prices range from $3 – $22, and the menu is extensive, as well as available online!

Brattleboro truly is a wonderful treasure for Vermont; the people are friendly, the sights are beautiful, and the food is healthy and plentiful. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop in and get yourself a small slice of this heaven, even if its only for a few hours.

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