Swordfish with Salsa Dressing Recipe

For all the food lovers, here is a dish that is truly delectable. Swordfish with Salsa Dressing is going to be the talk of the town for a long, long time. Here is your chance to prove yourself as the perfect hostess and take pride in it. So get the grill burning, the spices flowing, tie the apron and set the chef cap. You will have to master the recipe because there will be a lot of requests coming in to prepare it now and then. Follow our step by step guide to make a dish that is going to leave your guests enchanted.

Preparation Time: 40 minutes
Serving Size: 4 person
Utensils: Cooking oven,mixing bowl, spoon and salad platter


– 4 swordfish steaks
– 1.5 tablespoon olive oil
– 1/4 kg spinach leaves
– 2 zachinni (grated roughly)
– 1 tablespoon fresh Parsley (chopped)


– 1 large orange
– 1/2 kg ripe tomatoes, cut into small cubes
– Green parts of 4 large spring onions, chopped
– 1 Capsicum, Orange and Yellow each, cut into cubes
– 1 tablespoon olive oil
– Ground Cumin, according to taste
– 1 fresh green chilli, deseeded and chooped finely
– 2 tablespoon finely chopped Coriander leaves
– Salt and pepper according to taste (Freshly ground pepper tastes and smells heavenly)


  • 1

    Preheat the oven. Brush the Swordfish with olive oil and grill for 3 minutes on one side. Do not over cook as it will loose its natural texture and taste.  Turn the fish over and grill the other side. When done, take it out and let it cool.

  • 2

    Make the dressing a minimum half hours before serving. Grate the orange zest and squeeze to get orange juice around 1/3 of a cup in a large bowl. Add the tomatoes, onions, capsicum, cumin,olive oil and chilli. Add salt and pepper according to taste. Stir well and then let it chill.

  • 3

    Before serving, cut the fish into bite sized pieces and add to the dressing. Stir carefully without deforming the fish. In another bowl, toss together the spinach leaves, zucchini and parsley. Arrange them in four salad platters. Scoop up the dressing with fish onto the plates. Serve with bread.

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