Heath Trends for Trendy Men: Goji Berries Are the New Steak

Hello! If there were two words in the English language that sum up Jetlag Democracy, they’d have to be “trendy” and “man.” I am a man’s man, that’s for sure, but boy am I trendy. I love fashion and pop culture, but not as much as I love heath trends. I can’t get enough of the newest health and exercise trends. Everyday I get up, I take a bath with fresh herbs and expensive soap and then I scour the World Wide Web for the greatest (and latest) heath tips and trends. And recently, I came across one of the coolest, newest, dopest and downright healthiest trends in the history of internet scouring for heath trends. Goji Berries.

Madonna, Liz Hurley and Mischa Burton (just to name a few!) have been singing their praises for years. “Goji, oh Goji, I pick you on the mountaintopâÂ?¦Goji, oh Goji, I love you more than jellybeans,” they sing, sing, sing. Normally, I wouldn’t go out and get a product JUST because of a celebrity endorsement, but I figured the combined support of Mischa, Madonna and the Hurlster couldn’t be wrong. I mean, how could it?

And you know what? It wasn’t. The Goji Berries are for real, no fakey fakey, I swear. Recently, the BBC did a piece on the growing health trend, the health juggernaut really, that is The Goji Berry Phenomenon! Please, take a look:

“The Goji berry is the latest so-called super-food name to trip off the tongue and into the mouths of health-food evangelists. Small, red, dried, and a bit like a savory cranberry, the nutritionally-rich fruit is making the leap from specialist store to supermarket.” -BBC.com

I mean if the BBC is running reports on this, it can’t be wrong. Some people are calling Goji Berries, “Fruit Viagra.” Hmmm, I think that’s a little naughty but I couldn’t agree more. I feel like a swarming beehive of passion, a tornado of love, whenever I slide a Goji down my wet and slippery throat, oh, it feels so yummy. [Chump! Gulp!] I just had one! It was so delicious!

The Goji Berry is the biggest thing to hit the heath community since CPR, most seriously. The Goji Berry contains more iron than steak, more Vitamin C than oranges and more beta-carotene than carrots. More beta-carotene than carrots? That’s ridiculous (but so true). Now, when I say “more” I mean more per weight. So you’d have to eat about 9,000 have them to equal the iron in an 8 oz. steak. But that’s okay; they’re just so good. I could eat about 9 million of the suckers, I love them like a child, only a child who you eat and poop out.

Now, they are a little expensive. The Goji is harvested by cute little farmers in China, Mongolia and Tibet, and they do such a good job that we have to pay them extra. But I don’t mind, it’s like the heath benefits out way the price, do you know what I mean?

Hey, I could talk about Goji Berries all day (believe me, I want to), but the best thing you could do for you, for your life really, is just go out and snack on some. You can go to extremehealthUSA.com to buy some, or do your own research and compare prices. Just get some Goji Berries!!!

Good luck and have a fun and healthy Goji Berry experience! God Bless You! And God Bless Goji Berries!

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