Hell’s Kitchen on FOX – Week Two, Episode Three

Last week Chef Ramsay shocked both teams when he unexpectedly dismissed Gabe from Hell’s Kitchen. Chef Ramsay’s shock showed both teams that anything can happen, and it also showed them that even if they aren’t nominated, they’re still not safe from having their dreams crushed into little pieces.

Chef Ramsay called the dorms and told Tom (the one who answered the phone) that he wanted everyone out of bed and into the dining room right away. “Move your ass” was the last thing Chef Ramsay said to Tom over the phone.

At 6:20 a.m. everyone, except for Sara, gathered in the dining room. Sara arrived late at 6:24 a.m.

“Thanks for coming Sara,” Chef Ramsay said to Sara who ran in to the kitchen laughing.
“Yes chef.”
“Glad you find it’s funny.”
“No Chef,” Sara responded with a small smile still on her face.

After Sara’s late arrival, Chef Ramsay told both teams good morning, then he proceeded by scolding them for taking seven to eight minutes to get there. In addition, Chef Ramsay lectured them for failing with the last two dinner services, and what really seemed to upset him was both teams had made the same mistakes – communication and timing.

As soon as Chef Ramsay delivered his speech, he told the teams their challenge. He informed them that they had to cook three entrÃ?©es from the existing menu, and he added that there would only be one person, from each team, in the kitchen at a time. They had five minutes before the next aspiring chef took over. But, before they began, Chef Ramsay told the ladies to decide who was going to set out in order to make the teams even. Because Heather had burnt her hand the day before, and because she didn’t want to screw up, Heather volunteered to sit out. However, in the confessional, Sara expressed her opinion on Heather’s choice to set out.

“Princess Heather made it seem like her whole hand was falling off. Talk about playing the victim card. It wasn’t that big of a deal.”

Personally, I think Sara is envious of Heather, because Heather has impressed Chef Ramsay from day one.

The entr�©es that the teams had to prepare were chicken, tortellini and salmon. Virginia and Tom started the entr�©es for their team, and after five minutes Rachael and Giacomo took over. Both Rachael and Giacomo received correct information from their teammates.

Another five minutes passed, and Keith and Maribel took over, but when Rachael tried to explain to Maribel what she had to do, Chef Ramsay cut her off, and Maribel didn’t catch that she had the tortellini to finish. Because Maribel knew nothing about the tortellini which was in the pot in front of her, she worked only on the chicken and salmon.

Maybe Maribel didn’t catch what Rachael told her about the tortellini, but how on earth did she miss a pot of water in front of her face. Besides, Maribel should have remembered from the beginning of the challenge when Chef Ramsay told them they would be preparing tortellini, chicken and salmon.

Meanwhile, on the men’s team, Keith started a new batch of tortellini, but why. Giacomo had clearly told Keith the tortellini was done. I guess Keith wasn’t listening, or he just didn’t hear Giacomo. Your guess is as good as mine.

Sara and Garrett were next up, and it was up to them to finish the challenge. Sara continued where Maribel left off, and she was also unaware of the tortellini which was burning on the stove. Garrett misunderstood Keith’s instructions about the tortellini, and he began a third batch.

Despite not having their tortellini, the ladies won the challenge. The men lost again, and they weren’t too happy about being beaten by the ladies again. Because they lost, the men had to wash, iron and press laundry, but what really got to them was the fact that they had to wash the laundry the old fashion way – on a washboard.

For their reward the ladies met Chef Ramsay at the boat docks where they boarded a beautiful yacht. On the yacht, they enjoyed dinner and conversation with Chef Ramsay. Once they finished dinner, Chef Ramsay left, and the ladies proceeded to enjoy their reward while they lounged on the deck.

Back in the kitchen, the men reluctantly done the laundry. To help pass time they decided to sharpen up on their culinary knowledge so they would be prepared for the next dinner service.

When the women returned from the yacht they checked in on the men, and while they told them about their day on the sea, many of the men just shook their heads. All but Garrett who told them, “Keep talkin. Y’all women have dinner ready for us men when we get home from work.” Garrett’s comment really angered Heather. In the confessional, Heather said, “Garrett says go home and cook our dinner like women should, and that just completely ‘struck a cord’ with me.”

Heather continued to vent her anger to her teammates, and they all agreed with her. After Heather released her anger on her teammates, she confronted Garrett.

“Listen, I’m the last person you want to hear from right now,” Heather said as she walked into the room where Garrett was.

“Listen to me or not. That was crossing the line to me,” Heather continued as she sat down in front of Garrett who continued to read and write on the papers he had in front of him. “And you know what; I’m going to throw the woman card out.”

“Look. The bottom line is this… I don’t give a **** whether it’s a man or a woman, that don’t make a *** bit of difference to me…”
“You gotta understand we have to work twice as hard as you.”
“I just don’t appreciate anybody talking **** to me.”
“Whatever, you can hate the **** outta me. I don’t care,” Heather replied as she turned and walked out of the room.

“Whatever, he’s next to go, I’m going to make sure he’s next to go,” Heather vented to the camera again.

At 7:52 the next morning the men got an early start, however, the women were delayed, because Maribel was in the bathroom crying; she missed her family. Maribel’s emotions continued to get in the way while she was in the kitchen preparing for the next dinner service. And Heather continued her leadership role with her teammates, but Heather’s leadership also continued to get on Sara’s nerves.

By 7:00 p.m. Hell’s Kitchen, once again, opened for dinner service. When the first orders came in Sara and Keith were responsible for getting things off to a good start with the appetizers. Keith got off to a bad start when he tasted the food, and then, using the same spoon, he put the customers’ food onto the plates. One customer noticed what Keith had done, and that customer announced it to the rest of the people at his table. Then, Chef Ramsay confronted Keith for placing the food onto the customers’ plates with his hands, but what really irritated Chef Ramsay about the whole thing was the customers could see what Keith was doing. Chef Ramsay continued to yell at Keith, but this time he yelled at him for his pants falling down.

“Let’s pull your pants up a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. The view of your crack to table seven is not appealing,” Chef Ramsay told Keith.

“I hope our stuff is not coming from that guy,” one of the customers commented to his friends at their table. (The customer referred to Keith.)

In the confessional Keith said, “I wear my underwear up high, and my pants low, because that’s how I rock-em. The customers didn’t see my ass. There’s no chance they did, because you can ask anybody how I rock-em, and that’s it.”

Here’s my two cents on Keith’s pants… For goodness sake man, buy a pair of pants that fit. I mean the guy is a grown man working in a restaurant where appearance matters, and how the heck does he know the customers didn’t notice his low riding pants, he was too busy cooking.

A half hour had passed, and the teams, so far, had done well. The customers appeared to have enjoyed Keith and Sara’s appetizers. However, the success for both teams didn’t last long. One hour later Sara and Virginia were helping Heather with the appetizers that she failed to have out for their fifth table. And, in the blue kitchen, Giacomo, once more, had slowed his team down with the meat station. He didn’t have any of the meat done, and this upset Chef Ramsay.

“I’ve had enough, and I’m about to do something in Hell’s Kitchen that I’ve never ever done before. I’ve had enough!”

“Giacomo!” Chef Ramsay continued.
“Yes, Chef.”
“I’ve had enough now. I’ve had enough. We’re going to switch sections. Get off of that section, and get on the fish!” Chef Ramsay told Giacomo.

Chef Ramsay sent Tom to the meat station where Giacomo was, and he told Tom, “He’s put you behind. You need to put it back now.”

In the midst of everything else going on, Tom burned his hand when he went to pick up a spatula. Tom’s reaction made it seem like it was really bad, but when Keith examined Tom’s burn he said, “Come on, Tom.” Evidently, by Keith’s reaction, Tom’s burn wasn’t that bad, but Tom still went on like it was a serious burn, and he stopped what he was doing to nurse his hand.

In the meantime, the women had already served half their entr�©ess, but the most popular item (the wellingtons) was held up by Maribel. Maribel only had six wellingtons, and eight were needed. When Maribel asked Heather if she should let Chef Ramsay know, Heather told her yes.

“You have eight wellingtons, I only have six.”
“No, come on Maribel, no. Listen…just…just… Have we got lamb?” Chef Ramsay turned and asked the women.
“Yes chef,” the women answered back.
“Move your ass Maribel, yes. We do them fresh! Your ******* useless.”
“I love you too man. I love you too,” Maribel mumbled to herself.

Back in the blue kitchen, Tom continued to bellyache about his small burn.

“I’m gonna puke. Oh my God. Oh.”
“What’s wrong, Tom?” Chef Ramsay asked.
“I burned the hell out of my hand – really bad.”
“Show me. Do we need an ambulance?”
“No, I mean, I’ll get it later.”
“I don’t need a drama queen,” Chef Ramsay said after he looked at Tom’s hand.

One hour and 10 minutes later, one of the red team’s tables threatened to walk out, because they hadn’t received their wellingtons yet. The maitre d’ informed Chef Ramsay about the problem, and Chef Ramsay asked the red team how much longer for the wellingtons. The red team told him it would be about seven minutes. Chef Ramsay then asked the maitre d’ if he would ask the table if they could wait that long. When the maitre d’ done what Chef Ramsay asked him to do, the two ladies at that table laughed, and they asked to speak to Chef Ramsay. One of the ladies did approach Chef Ramsay about the wellingtons, and he turned to Maribel – in front of the lady – and asked Maribel how long. Maribel told Chef Ramsay, “about 45 seconds.” The customer yelled to Maribel, “45 seconds or I’m walking out of the restaurant.”

Maribel presented the wellingtons to Chef Ramsay, but they still failed to pass his approval. The wellingtons, again, were rare, and the order was for medium. The result: the two ladies from that table left the restaurant. Unfortunately, the ladies exit, and Maribel’s lack to produce medium wellingtons, was more than Chef Ramsay could take – he ordered both teams to shut down their kitchens.

“We so needed a complete service tonight, but we didn’t complete it. Sara.”
“Yes, Chef.”
“Best performer on the woman’s’ team by far.”
“Thank you Chef.”
And Maribel.”
“Yes Chef.”
“Had it not been for you, your team, was on the verge of completing, a service.”
“I’m aware of that Chef.”
“Yes Chef.”
“Your performance was phenomenally BAD.”

“Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom. I just wish you’d COOK more.”
“God, so would I. So would I.”
“That’s all I want you to do.”
“That’s all I wanna do. That’s all I wanna do, Man.”
“It’s just cook more.”
“Yeah. Yeah.”

Chef Ramsay took a deep breath and exhaled subsequent to “men.”

“You lost the battle of the sexes tonight – big time – cause you were BAD. I want each of you, to nominate, one person, from your team, for elimination. Because tonight, there is no best of the worst. Now, **** off back to the dorm.”
“Yes, Chef,” Tom bowed before he left.

Keith and Garrett talked, but neither one of them knew who to vote for, because they stated that Tom and Giacomo were both bad. They thought both Tom and Giacomo should go.

“Men, have you decided?”
“Yes, Chef,” Giacomo answered.
“Tom, your nominee and why.”
“Chef, I’m gonna have to nominate Giacomo. Quite simply, the oven wasn’t on, and it’s that simple,” Tom shrugged.
“Giacomo, your nomination and why?”
“Tonight Chef, my nomination is Tom. He’s a loose cannon Chef.”
“Garrett, who is it, and why, please?”
“Tonight Chef, my decision is Tom. When I talked to Tom he just talked about tonight’s service and what went wrong, and not about what we could do to fix it.”
“Two votes for Tom, and one for Giacomo. Keith.”
“Yes, Chef.”
“Your nomination and why.”
“It was hard, but uh…I have to pick my boy Jersey over here, Tom. I just need somebody on my team that won’t give up, you know.”
“Three votes for Tom, and one for Giacomo. Tom.”
“Yes, Chef.”
“Step forward. Giacomo, step forward”.
“Yes, Chef.”
“You got 10 seconds to convince me why you should stay in Hell’s Kitchen, move,” Chef Ramsay said as he looked down at his watch.

Giacomo wasted no time; quickly he told Chef Ramsay why he should stay:

“Chef I will learn from my mistakes, I will do everything in my power for the team, and I will…dig deeper than I ever have before in my life, to find out who I am.”
“Yes, Chef.”
“Three to one, why should you stay in Hell’s Kitchen?”
“I’m the sharpest, smartest guy here.”
“What?” Chef Ramsay said with a look of confusion.
“I’m not the best cook Chef…”
“Time. It’s a tough decision. It is tough, but the person leaving Hell’s Kitchen is…Giacomo. Take your jacket off and get out of Hell’s Kitchen.”

“You can’t turn an oven on. You got no chance of running a kitchen,” Chef Ramsay continued.
“Yes, Chef,” Giacomo told Chef Ramsay after he handed his jacket over.
“Goodnight,” Chef Ramsay told Giacomo.
“Goodnight,” Giacomo repeated.
“Yes, Chef.”
“You dodged another bullet again – slipped through the net.”
“Thank you Chef.”
“Don’t thank me, thank Giacomo for being worse.”
“Yes, Chef.”
“Hey, just a little worse.”

Needless to say, Chef Ramsay wasn’t happy with any of his aspiring Chef this week. Both teams, for two weeks in a row, failed to give Chef Ramsay a completed dinner service. Watch FOX next Monday night to see if the remaining eight will improve and please Chef Ramsay.

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