Herbal Remedies V. Modern Medicine

There is a long-running debate between people who use herbal remedies for various diseases and disorders, and those who rely on modern medicine to cure their aches and pains. Although neither one has been scientifically proven superior, there will always be people – both patients and doctors – who side with one or the other.

Herbal remedies are “medicines” derived from nature that are used to treat the entire body. Some herbal remedies are taken pure – without changing the physical form of the herb – while others are converted into capsules, drinks, salves and creams.
Modern medicine takes chemical and biological compounds and converts the medicinal properties each into liquid and solid medicines, some of which are presribed, while others can be found over the counter (OTC).

Those who side with the herbal remedies, rather than relying on modern medicine, contend that herbal remedies are treatments for the whole body, while modern medicine only covers the symtpoms. They also cite examples of people who have died from the side effects of modern medicine.

Those who prefer medicinal remedies contend that herbal remedies are mostly “smoke and mirrors” and that nothing can be solved by ingesting an herb. They believe that herbal remedies are mostly placebos used by people who have been falsely informed.

Massive quantities of prescription and OTC medicines are distributed every day. It is widely known that most of these drugs are not cures for the diseases they treat, but rather meant to counteract the symptoms produced by the disease.

The debate between modern medicine and herbal remedies comes down to one very simply fact: every individual, regardless of education or disease, should be armed with the facts concerning their illnesses, from the common cold on up to cancer. There are benefits and drawbacks to both herbal remedies and modern medicine, and those factors should be weighed on an individual basis.

It is true that doctors are beginning to recommend alternative (hebal) remedies for their patients when modern drugs simply don’t work. For a patient who is suffering on a daily basis, it is important to try every avenue for results.

Here are a few little-known facts about modern medicine:

1. The pharmaceutical industry as a whole reaps a net income of more than $100 billion annually.

2. Approximately �¼ of all drugs on the market today are based on plant extracts.

3. There are more than 80,000 plants with medicinal properties that have been discovered..

4. In countries other than the U.S., Europe and Australia, herbal remedies are the norm.

This is not meant to contend that herbal remedies are “quick cures” that can always solve an individual’s medical problem. There are plenty of drugs on the market today for which there is no herbal alternative. Likewise, modern medicine allows for more doctor supervision and the machines and other tests can better monitor a patient’s condition.

However, hebal remedies tend to produce fewer side effects than modern drugs, and can be more pleasant to administer. Also, many herbal remedies have multiple benefits, while most modern medicine focuses on one particular symptom or set of symptoms.

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