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Well, things have been busy around here. In short, I have a new novel out and I am busy trying to promote the hell out of it. So, I won’t have a regular, daily blog entry here today. This is probably wrong or improper, but I figure, I get some fairly regular readers here so why not let everyone know.

Bryan W. Alaspa brings his most powerful novel yet to the public with the release of Dust which is available at BryanAlaspa.com

Chicago, IL -AUGUST 2006- Bryan W. Alaspa, the author of novels The Ballad of the Blue Denim Gang and The Vanished Child releases his latest work entitled Dust. He once again reaches into the crime, action and drama genres to bring an explosive story of secrets and the devastating effects such secrets can have when they are suddenly revealed. Bryan has worked in conjunction with online publisher Lulu (www.lulu.com), the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books to finally bring Dust to print.

Dust tells the story of a small town in Illinois. Over the course of a single day the secrets the town has been hiding for years are revealed. What follows is a tragedy with pulse-pounding tension and action that builds to an explosive climax. It is a story that involves murder, mayhem, betrayal and tragedy as one town becomes the victim of long-buried secrets. Even the smallest towns can carry the biggest secrets.

Bryan Alaspa wrote Dust in 2003 and the book had only previously been available as a downloadable eBook. Hee came to Lulu because he wanted to be in control of the publishing process and found Lulu’s print-on-demand tools to be fast, easy and, most importantly, free. Dust is available for purchase at www.lulu.com as well as through www.bryanalaspa.com.

“This is by far the most powerful and intense story I have ever written,” said Bryan Alaspa. “I wrote this story in a kind of sprint. It would not let me go. I hope that this happens to the reader as well and that the story leaves them breathless and wanting more at the end.”

Link to Publication*: http://www.bryanalaspa.com

Bryan W. Alaspa is a writer who has lived most of his life in the Chicago area. He is a freelance writer, providing articles, short stories and other writing for a diverse group of clients. Bryan has published two bother novels (The Ballad of the Blue Denim Gang and The Vanished Child). Dust is his third novel and by far his most intense and ambitious work. Bryan is a big believer in on-demand publishing as a way for authors to get their voices heard especially writers who do not publish in easily-definable genres. Bryan’s fourth novel, Rig, will soon be ready for publication as well.

Founded in 2002, Lulu is the world’s fastest-growing print-on-demand marketplace for digital do-it-yourselfers. Please see www.lulu.com for more information.

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