Holiday DIY Bathroom Decoration Dads Can Do with Kids

One of the rooms that usually never gets any attention during the holidays is the bathroom. However, next to the living room, it sees the second most amount of traffic. A great project that a father can do with his children is to decorate the bathroom and give it some holiday cheer. Here are some ideas for doing this project with your children. First, sit down and talk the project over with your children. Ask them for some ideas. Then make a list of the decorating items that you will need. If you go to an art & craft shop to get them, take the children along with you. Have them look for the materials that you will need. They will enjoy this because you are tapping into their ideas.

Speaking of ideas, here are some. Colored Ribbons (Red, Green, Gold, Scottish, Plaid) are great for the seasonal look. Candles with a holiday smell are great. However, don’t over do it. You might decide to go with a strong colored potpourri scent. Baskets, seasonal hand towels, a large holiday card, scotch tape, scissors,candy dish, green and red peppermint candy or candy canes of different color, small toys such as animals, little cars, dolls, toy blocks, pine cones, magazines holiday floor mats.

These items will get you started but, you can always use your own ideas as well.

Strip down the room and clean it very well. Take everything out and give it a good cleaning. Assign jobs for all members involved in the decorating. Now you are ready to decorate the bathroom. Start first with the baskets. If they have a handle on them, make bows out of your ribbon and tie them onto the handles. When you are finished, in one basket, place some pine cones and set it in a unused corner on the floor or on a small bench. In the other basket, place a few rolls of toilet paper. Set it along the wall within reaching distance of the toilet bowl.

If you have coat hooks anyplace along the wall, hang your candy canes on them. Place a candle or potpourri in a basket on a shelf, window sill, bathtub, or back shelf of the toilet bowl. It needs to be rather close so that it is easy to smell. I don’t recommend lighting a candle behind a toilet bowl. It is too easy for someone to catch their hair or clothes on fire. However potpourri would work there very well.

Place your seasonal hand towels on the towel rack. If you don’t have a towel rack, just simply hang them over the wash basin or the tub so that they can be viewed.

If you have a shelf or window sill that is not in use, take your toys and set them on it so that they look look good. You might want to consider placing them on a colored piece of paper to accent them. If you use toys blocks, stack them no higher than three rows.

Next take some ribbon and wrap it around and secure it to the pedestal of a wash bowel, around a shower door handle, or on a hand towel rack. Again don’t over do it. Just a few small bows or ribbon streamers will do the job.

If you have a large mirror in the bathroom, place a colored bow in each of the corners of it. The smaller the mirror, the smaller the bows. Tape will work well holding them in place.

Take your Holiday card and sign it on the bottom from members of your family. At the top address it to (ALL). Center it at eye level on on the back of the bathroom door and use your scotch tape and secure it at all four corners. Make sure that the card is left so that it can be opened by hand.

Take your candy dish and put your mints or candy canes in it and set it where it can’t be knocked to the floor. Try to place it where it will be inviting for someone to take a piece.

If you have a magazine holder or rack, place holiday magazines inside them. Try to find colorful magazines that would appeal to everyone.

Holiday floor mats can be bought or made. Most craft stores carry them but, they can be expensive. You can go to a carpet store and get some old remnants. Take them home and have the children paint on them. They can paint everything from Seasons greetings to actually doing an artistic impression on it. Let them be creative.

These are just a few idea. If you use your imagination, you can come up with other ideas as well. Use your children’s ideas. Even if you don’t like them, try to use them to some degree. Many times if something doesn’t look right, the child will want to change it or even ask for advice. Keep in mind that your main goal is not decorate but, to do a do it yourself project with your children.

Decorating your bathroom will be a pleasant surprise for your holiday visitors. It will bring the family together on a very creative project.

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