Home Buying: Selling a Home with Pets

When trying to sell a home, it is important for home sellers to make their home as attractive as possible. This might include re-painting the walls, updating cabinets, and fixing minor repairs. For the most part, minor cosmetic problems will not put off a potential buyer. Besides, most home buyers will make their own changes or improvements to the property. On the other hand, if the current homeowner has a pet, this may interfere with the sale of the home. Because pets commonly leave behind a distinguished marking – odor – potential buyers may skip on the property. Fortunately, there are steps a homeowner can take to ensure that their beloved family pets will not holdup the sale. Consider the following tips for selling a home with pets.

Do’s to Selling a Property with Pets

• Clean Carpets – Some people are severely allergic to pet dander. If so, these persons will begin to show signs of a reaction within minutes of being inside your home. Before conducting an open house, have all carpets in the home cleaned to remove pet dander. If pets are allowed to sit on the furniture, consider cleaning sofas and chairs as well. Once the carpet and furniture is clean and free of pet dander, confine the animal to the garage, mud room, or sizeable cage. If possible, ask a friend or relative to pet sit for a couple of days.

• Keep Litter Boxes Clean – Cat owners know the importance of keeping kitty litter boxes cleaned daily. This is especially important when selling your home. Potential buyers will be turned off by the smell of cat urine. Clean the litter box often or purchase a litter box cover. Consider buying a brand of kitty litter proven to reduce odor. If possible, keep an air freshener near the litter box.

• Vacuum Floor Daily – If the animal must remain in the home in-between open houses, periodically vacuum the carpets to remove pet hair. Moreover, make a habit of brushing the animal daily to limit shedding.

• Keep Animals Out of Sight – Even though pet owners may enjoy being greeted by their animals at the door, visitors to the home may not appreciate your animal jumping on their clothes or sniffing their feet. Furthermore, some people are terrified of animals. Respect the feelings of others. Before the open house is scheduled to begin, place animals outdoors or in the garage.

• Clean Pet Accidents – If your animal is not completely house-trained, be sure and clean any mishaps before potential buyers arrive. This might include animal droppings on the floor, or urine stained carpets. Likewise, examine the yard and front porch for droppings.

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