The Eureka Capture Plus Pet Vacuum: Review

I bought the Eureka Capture Plus Pet Vacuum because of the “pet” in its name. I have indoor animals and love having them indoors but they pet hair everywhere drives me absolutely nuts! So when I saw a vacuum that was geared towards just that I had to have it. I had my fingers crossed that this would be the answer to pet hair removal, pet hair that seems to stick to my furniture and carpets like glue! Well, it was! Finally!

I really love this vacuum and mostly because of the great pet hair removal but not only. It is also kind of cool looking it is a royal blue or purple color. It is very sleek and a cool design for a vacuum cleaner. It is bagless and that is a good thing, I have not had a vacuum cleaner that takes bags since they invented the bagless and I am never going back. I hate trying to remember to buy them and then tracking down the right size when I finally do remember. It has a great hepa filter. It keeps all of the hair and dust in and puts out clean fresh air, I was amazed at how good of a job it did in that area. Then for the best part, the pet power paw! It is not like these little wimpy attachments that other vacuums have it has. This is a very big attachment with a rotating brush. It is perfect for getting that pet hair off my furniture. My dog has really long hair that seems to come out in these clumps that stick like glue to my cloth furniture. I have always had to pick it off with my fingers in the past. This is the first vacuum I have owned that actually works in this area for me! Dust cup is pretty big so I don’t have to empty it too often. It handles and maneuvers very well. I also like that it has a 5 setting height adjustment, that comes in really handy. You can also get really close to the edges of your walls and around furniture bottoms without even using the hand tools.

As far as price I did pay more than I ever have before for a vacuum cleaner. It was about $180, but I have to say that I think I definitely got my moneys worth, not only am I finally getting the pet hair up easily I also have very clean carpets. This vacuum has awesome suction power and will pick up dirt even when you think there is nothing there to pick up!

I would definitely recommend this vacuum to anyone, but pet owners will love it most. I think that it would be great for all homes however because it has the great filter system and big suction power. Anyone with allergies might want to look into this vacuum also. The hepa filter makes more of a difference than I thought it would.

Bottom line is that this is one awesome vacuum and I am really glad that I found it!

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