Home Improvements That Increase Resale Value

For most people, a house is the largest single investment they will ever make, and how that house is cared for and improved upon largely determines how much that investment will increase in value. Improvements can significantly increase the overall resale value of a home, and they can also provide a great deal of comfort, pleasure, and satisfaction for homeowners.

Keep in mind that not all home improvements greatly increase resale value. Some add luxury without increasing worth, and knowing which home improvements are beneficial to the resale value of a house will help homeowners decide which projects to invest time and money in, especially if they plan on selling in the near future. There are many home improvements that can help increase resale value while making a house more attractive to potential buyers.

Energy Efficient Upgrades

Improvements that increase energy efficiency significantly increase resale value. If you have recently replaced the roof, furnace, windows, doors, or added extra insulation, besides lowering heating and cooling costs, you have also added a great deal of resale value to your home. Potential buyers are looking for energy efficient houses, and upgrades that increase energy efficiency will no doubt pay you back in more ways than one.


Painting is one of the least desirable improvements for those moving into a new house, so make your home more appealing to potential buyers by giving it a facelift inside and out. A fresh coat of paint is one of the least expensive ways to increase the resale value, and it is also one of the easiest. A newly painted exterior will greatly increase curb appeal while giving your home a well-kept appearance, and a recently painted interior will make the house look clean, up-to-date, and ready to move into.

Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home, and the same holds true today. If you are considering any improvements whatsoever to increase the resale value of your home, consider upgrading the kitchen. Bring your kitchen into the present with improvements such as a new granite sink, cabinetry, countertops, and the latest kitchen appliances to increase value and interest. Your home will stand out from the rest when you invest in stylish kitchen improvements and upgrades such as these.

Bathroom Additions

If you want to significantly increase resale value while making your home more attractive to potential buyers, consider investing in an additional bathroom. Otherwise, consider remodeling existing bathrooms with new countertops, sinks, faucets, contemporary flooring, ample cabinetry, and room enhancing light fixtures. You will enjoy the luxury of stylish upgrades while making your home a competitive option on the real estate market.


If you want to add resale value to your home while adding outdoor enjoyment, consider building a deck. You will be able to recover almost the entire cost of the project in added resale value, and you will have the pleasure and enjoyment of an outdoor retreat for relaxing and entertaining. Deck material ranges from very affordable treated lumber to composite materials that will last for decades, and whatever materials you choose for your home improvements, a deck is by far one of the wisest investments you can make.

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