Home Security Advancements

Home security has evolved so it’s more than an alarm that is armed and disarmed. Today, people can invest in home automation options. This seamlessly connects all energy, video and security features so that people can control their security systems with a smartphone. These advanced systems can be customized to automatically turn porch lights on at dusk, trigger for specific things and control thermostats. Working with professionals ensures that people can easily transition from a traditional home security system to advanced home automation.

Save Time

One of the great things about the latest home security systems is that people can easily control them using a smartphone and even place them on timers. This saves home owners a lot of time and energy. The property will never be at risk for theft or vandalism.

Save on Energy Costs

Home automation means that not only is the security system advanced but that people can even control their heating and cooling system using the system. This saves people a lot of money on electricity and heating costs. The thermostat can be programmed and even specific rooms can be controlled. Such features keep people comfortable but also avoid energy waste.

Image Alerts

When a door is opened or a system is disarmed, home owners can have alerts sent to them. This keeps home owners up-to-date about who is entering and leaving a home. Additionally, people can leave messages for one another using the security system. This is important if someone is going out and wants to let their spouse or parent know.

Customized Schedules

Homeowners can also set the lights and thermostat to turn on at specific times and even days of the week. Understanding activity patterns helps people figure out how to best adjust such settings. When the system in a home is disarmed, the thermostat can automatically adjust and the lights can come on.

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