Home Security: How to Choose Guard Dogs

If you want to really scare burglars away get a guard dog. Guard dogs have provided protection for homes and businesses for many years. Sure electronic home surveillance systems will work just fine but nothing beats an angry dog that is protective of its territory.

For a number of years countless burglars and thieves have been chased off by guard dogs. Burglars may be used to dogs now a days but an angry dog provides a much harsher punishment. When an intruder is detected by an angry guard dog trained to protect its home from strangers they better think twice.

If you plan on getting a guard dog there are some things you should know before letting the dog guard your place. Get them to know who your friends and family are. You don’t want the dog to think everyone is an intruder and certainly your friends and family will want to feel they are safe coming to your home. Most homeowners leave guard dogs stay outside. If one decides to let a guard dog stay inside an intruder could be greatly surprised by the presence of a guard dog as soon as they break in.

When keeping the dog indoors remember to leave a supply of food and water when you are away and the dog is left by its self. Also the dog will need an outdoor area when it needs to go to the bathroom. Have a fence around the outdoor area so the dog knows its place. If the dog is outside and a burglar tries to get in a back entrance having a guard dog on alert staring the burglar down will certain give them a fright and make them think twice about entering.

Choosing the right guard dog is important. Research different species and what places you can get guard dogs. An ideal guard dog would be a trained police dog or a dog already trained to protect, you will not have to train them and they will be professionally trained. Two dog species know for great protection because of there vicious nature are Dobermans and Pit Bulls.

After you have researched carefully and know that the dog you want is coming from a reputable source you shouldn’t have to worry about the dogs’ behavior or health. A dog from a non reputable source could be in poor health and poorly trained. In all a guard dog can act as a home security system with a mean bite.

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