Homemade Bath Product Links: Where a Google Search Leads You

I, like many others these days, enjoy bath salts, sugar scrubs and salt scrubs. But like many others, I don’t like the high prices most stores charge. I finally became frustrated last summer over the outrageous prices, so I researched the subject.

Below are the links I found with a brief description of the products offered. They are relatively easy to make and easier still to find the ingredients. Though I agree with the ingredients for most recipes, I must admit, I don’t think they need the extra “coloring” that many like to add. Of course, this is entirely up to each person. Check out some of the sites below and let me know what you think of them.. By the way: most are “info only” or holistic sites so some may also offer ingredients needed for sale on the site…check them out carefully…they may have just what you are looking for!

This site is by far one of my favorites! With the name of “notmartha.org,” you get a pretty good idea from the get-go that this is going to be one lighthearted site! I especially like the pictures but then again I’m one of those people with an old Betty Crocker cookbook that has pictures to follow too!

pioneerthinking.com…..a site with recipes for bath oils, salts and bubble baths…all of these are pretty basic and easy to create!

Betterbudgeting.com article by Michelle Jones where she lists “dead sea salts” as an ingredient, but plain sea salt works just as well and is much cheaper!

Ilil.assortment.com has simple, easy to follow instructions for salts….it also is a simply designed site which makes for a nice clean copy to print for your own use.

Care2.com has information and instructions for making bath oils including aromatherapy items. It also has a “shop for supplies” link for your convenience.
Teachsoap.com…..This site tells you how to make bath bombs! This is a fun site and one I have actually used! It gives simple instructions and offers 5 different recipes for bath bombs (or bath fizzies as a friend calls them! ) http://www.teachsoap.com/bombs.html

saltworks.us….a very nice site with recipes, information and cautions regarding essential oils as well….something everyone should read before getting creative with essential oils!

homemadesimple.com . This site gives great instructions on making bath salts as well as links to other areas with bath/spa themes.

For those of you that prefer to purchase e-books on the subject of bath products try here….

Bath & Body Recipes: Crafts & Crafting: Make Your Own Lotions, Creams, Colognes, Edible Lotions, Sun Tan Lotions, Baby Wipes, Hair Gels, Shampoos, Bat eBook
Bath & Body Recipes: Volume 2 – Make Your Own Lotions, Creams, Bath Salts, Lip Balms, Shampoo, Massage Oils, Body Sprays & Gels and More! eBook

yet another link…(this one seems to be quite a bit cheaper…..)

And for those who wish to order their supplies online…here is a compilation of sites on one directory page for your convenience.

Again, I urge any and all to check out the above mentioned sites…..they are all free, simple and complete in their information and recipes. None of them benefits me in any way so this review and listing of sites is honest and straightforward…no “favoritism” here folks! Each site obviously offers its own version of the basics but I’ve found one to be pretty much the same as another.

How did I come to this information you might ask? I simply began “searching” the internet for sites and recipes, using – of all things – Google. I invite all to either use the links/sites above or Google your own “need.” It’s really quite easy and kind of like a treasure hunt! When you find that “perfect” recipe, you feel as if you found Jack Sparrow’s treasure, a la’ Johnny Depp (alas, minus the actor! DARN!!!

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