Homemade Cleaning Products

Do you want your house clean without all the chemical smells? If your answer is yes then I have some ideas that you are going to love. I have discovered cleaning products you can make at home that are more budget and environmental friendly.

1. Mix two dabs of toothpaste (any brand) with 2 teaspoons of baking soda to clean sterling silver, bronze, and other metals that are tarnished. Wipe the surface that needs to be cleaned with a damp lint free cloth. Dip a soft bristle toothbrush into your toothpaste and baking soda mixture and gently rub in a circular motion to remove tarnish. Wipe clean with a warm lint free cloth and then dry with a lint free cloth. It should shine like new.

2. To get your glass streak free combine equal amounts of rubbing alcohol to cold water in a spray bottle. Shake well and then proceed to use on the glass surface. Wipe off in one direction with old newspaper or a lint free cloth.

3. For a fresh citrus scent through out your home combine slices of lemon, oranges, grapefruit, and lime in a pot of water. Bring to a gentle boil for about an hour, you may want to shorten or lengthen the time depending on the size of your home and the desired level of scent that you want.

4. To make an at home disinfectant to use on counter and table surfaces mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide with warm water. Spray on surfaces to be disinfected and wipe down with a clean cloth or sponge.

5. Combine 1 Cup white vinegar and 1 Cup water, mix together. This is for use in automatic coffee makers, put a clean filter in the basket, then pour the mixture into the water reservoir. If your coffee maker has a permanent filter insert a paper towel. Brew the solution, discard the filter. Let water sit in warm pot for about an hour to help remove stains from the pot. Fill the water reservoir with clean water and brew to rinse.

6. To remove rust stains apply full strength lemon juice or white vinegar directly onto the stain. Let stand until the stain is gone and rinse with warm water.

7. Combine baking soda with enough water to form a paste to help remove soap scum. Apply the paste to a sponge and rub, put in some elbow grease. Rinse with warm water and your tub and/or sinks should be free of soap scum.

8. To make at home furniture polish combine 1 Cup Olive Oil and 1/2 Cup lemon juice in a spray bottle. Shake the combination well and then apply a small amount to a dusting cloth and wipe down furniture. Use the dry side of the cloth or another dry cloth to wipe dry. Your furniture is clean, shiny, and has a fresh citrus scent.

I hope you enjoy these tips and find them useful. There are many sites with other great at home recipes for cleaning products that you can find right in your kitchen pantry or refrigerator. Listed below are several links you may find useful:

Please keep in mind that these are only some variations and other sites may recommend different products for cleaning the same thing. These are simply ones that I have used in my cleaning routine and have great success with. Happy cleaning!

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