Honey Home Remedies, From Curing a Sore Throat to Solving Sleeping Problems

Honey is a natural substance with uses that range far beyond a sweet sticky treat. The benefits of honey are tremendous, and many natural home remedies include honey. Keep honey on hand, and you’ll have the main ingredient for a number of natural home remedies to help solve a host of minor problems.

The following home remedies include honey, and these home remedies have been successfully implemented for many years. Natural remedies are often more effective than commercial products, and home remedies definitely have fewer side effects. Consider trying these home remedies next time the need arises and you just might find the sweet solution you’ve been searching for.

Precautions Before Treating Ailments With Honey

If you might have a serious medical problem, don’t attempt to treat the condition with the following home remedies. Home remedies are never substitutes for professional medical care, so use common sense and forethought.

Babies under the age of one year should never consume honey, so don’t put honey on your baby’s pacifier or give your baby home remedies or foods containing honey. Babies less than one year of age are in danger of contracting infant botulism from honey.

Minor Sore Throat and Cough

If you have a minor sore throat or cough, try a home remedy containing honey instead of over-the-counter medication. Simply boil a whole lemon, and after the lemon has cooled, squeeze the juice into a container. Blend in one cup of honey, and every four hours take two tablespoons. Your throat will be coated and soothed, and a cough caused by minor irritation should be alleviated.

Sinus and Stomach Problems

Do you have minor stomach or sinus problems? Try honey and vinegar. Before you turn up your nose at this combination, it really isn’t bad when mixed with ice-cold apple juice. Simply mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a tablespoon of honey, and mix it with one cup of ice-cold apple juice. This concoction tastes like delicious apple cider, and it will help alleviate minor sinus and stomach ailments.

Trouble Sleeping?

Many people have problems falling asleep, and sometimes they turn to over-the-counter medications to help induce sleep. These products are expensive, and although they aren’t supposed to be addictive, they can be psychologically addictive. After relying on medications to induce sleep, some people don’t want to take a chance on going without them.

I used to have problems falling asleep, and I was one of those people that relied on over-the-counter sleep medications. I was introduced to the many benefits of honey by a beekeeper in Hebron Indiana named Mr. Bob Engel. Mr. Engel gave me a bright yellow business card when I purchased a plastic bear full of honey, and the back of his card listed some of the many benefits of honey. He recommends taking a tablespoon of honey before bed to aid in relaxation and help induce sleep.

I now take a tablespoon of honey every night about an hour before bed. The honey is certainly much tastier than the big blue pills I used to take, and it’s much healthier too. I no longer have problems falling asleep. Consider trying this natural sleep inducer if you have problems falling asleep. It’s worth a try, and this medication is a sweet alternative to over-the-counter medications.

Minor Cuts and Abrasions

Honey contains an antimicrobial, and after a minor wound has been properly cleaned, a little honey can help prevent infection. Simply spread a thin layer of honey over a light abrasion or minor cut. Honey aides in healing, and this natural medication provided by nature helps keep wounds free from bacteria.

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