How to Keep a Journal to Promote Mental Health

Many people are struggling to maintain their mental and physical health. Mental health can only be attained if you are physically fit and free from all kinds of diseases. However, with so much tension in the surroundings, even a physically fit person can face immense mental strain. There are many techniques which you can use to improve your mental health.

Keeping a journal has proved out to be one of the most effective and appropriate technique to improve mental health. It allows you to keep your feelings and emotions in control to live a peaceful and happy life.


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    First of all, you have to buy a good journal. You can buy any journal from a bookstore. In addition, you can also keep an electronic journal on your computer or online.

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    After getting the journal, you have to start writing. Don’t think too much before writing your journal. You can start with anything related to your past, present or future. Besides, you can set off with finding the necessary answers to your queries. In addition, you can write about your future plans.

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    It is extremely important for you to write your journal on daily basis. Moreover, you have to write everything with honesty in your journal. Never write anything which is not correct. Keep in mind that your mental health will only be improved if you write everything correctly with sincerity. If you will cheat during writing your journal, you will hurt your own self instead of anybody else.

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    You have to write right from your heart if you want to improve your mental health. Express what you think about the happenings in your surroundings, especially regarding the most important events of your life. Write what you feel, good or bad. You don’t have to pretend about anything, just be yourself. It will be better for you to judge other the behaviour of other people with complete impartiality.

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    You should write more about your relationships. Express your views about different people who share any relationship with you. Besides, you can also write about your acquaintances. Furthermore, try to write about your professional life also which can include your views regarding your job, supervisor or colleagues.

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    Write about your good and bad things in your journal on daily basis. After writing it for several months, go back and start reading it. You will feel relaxed and calm.

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