Host a Remodeling Party for DIY Home Improvement

Remodeling parties are becoming increasingly popular on the east and west coasts, especially since the rise in popularity of such television shows as Trading Spaces and Save My Home, Save My Family. Not only can you save money by conducting DIY home improvement, but according to some remodeling party veterans, it can also be a lot of fun.

A remodeling party is essentially a gathering of neighbors and friends with the purpose of DIY home improvement. The host assigns each “partygoer” a chore to complete throughout the length of the party, such as laying floors, patching drywall or painting walls. Food and drinks are served at regular intervals, music plays on the stereo, and attendees are free to chat while they work.

When you host a remodeling party, however, you should expect an invitation to another party hosted by a neighbor, and you should always reciprocate. Some neighborhoods in California have homeowners’ association members assigned to remodeling parties exclusively; he or she organizes the event and makes sure everyone is invited.

Of course, there are problems with this scenario, even if it might save money and add some excitement to a lonely Saturday. First, many of the remodeling parties hosted in the past have included alcohol, which is always a recipe for disaster. Power tools and tequila shooters definitely don’t mix, and the host of a remodeling party faces legal and financial hardship if someone gets hurt “on the job”. It is also important to remember that accidents happen even without alcohol; these are friends who are helping with DIY improvement, and not professionals.

When you decide to host a remodeling party, try to keep the tasks simple. Just about anyone can successfully add a coat of paint to a bathroom wall or seal the grout on kitchen tile, but projects that require saws or drills are best left to contractors. If you have neighbors who work in construction or masonry, find out if they are willing to attend, but verify credentials before you give them complicated tasks.

If you’re worried about your friends and neighbors destroying your house, your fears aren’t unfounded. In fact, there are several construction contractors in southern California who have begun offering supervision services for remodeling parties. They charge between $40 and $60 per hour to make sure the correct tile goes on the floor and the right walls come down when they’re supposed to.

In some areas of the country, the remodeling party has transitioned into the demolition party. My neighbors decided to bulldoze their two-story home last year, and invited many of us locals over to drink beer and start knocking things down. Not only can these parties save money, but they also build camraderie among neighbors.

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