How to Make Your Own Chocolate Molds

At The Chocolate Mold Factory, we have a large selection of plastic, silicone, and polycarbonate chocolate molds. However, almost every day I get calls asking for molds of items that we do not have. My suggestion is to consider making your own chocolate molds. It is really not that hard and doesn’t cost that much.

To get started, the first thing you need is a model of the item you want to make into a chocolate. Some ways to get the model is to make it yourself or try to buy it at a store. For example, say you want to make a mold of a dogbone. Well, you can make a dogbone shape out of polymer clay, or you can just use a real dogbone or buy a plastic dog toy.

Next, you will want to make copies of the model so you have one model for each cavity you want on the mold. Using the same example, if you want a mold with six dogbones, you will need six dogbones. To accomplish this, you can make six dogbones, buy six dogbones, or buy one dogbone and copy it five times. If you want to copy the model, you can buy general moldmaking materials at your local arts and craft stores. First you will make a mold, then you will fill it (cast) with plaster, wax, polyurethane, epoxy, or whatever material you want you model to be made of. Plaster is very cheap and is widely available at craft stores. It is also extremely easy to use. Just make sure you don’t overmix and get to many air bubbles. Pour the plaster into the mold, let it harden, and viola, six dogbones.

Now you are ready to make your chocolate mold. Chocolate molds can be made of many materials; two of which are plastic and silicone rubber. To make plastic chocolate molds, like the kind that are sold at most craft stores, you will need a vacuum forming machine. A vacuum forming machine is basically a box with holes on the top that you plug a vacuum into. The plastic is heated to a point in which it is pliable, and then the vacuum sucks the hot plastic over the top of the model. When the plastic cools, you are left with a mold. Silicone rubber is another method. To use silicone rubber, you mix it according to the manufactures’ instructions. Then you pour it over the top of the model. Let the rubber harden, or cure. Remove the model, and you are left with a mold. Now you can clean it and your ready to begin making your custom chocolates.

No matter which method of making chocolate molds you choose, you absolutely must make sure that the plastic or silicone is food grade, or fda approved for contact with food. Two types of plastic that can be used are PETG and polycarbonate. PETG is much less expensive and is still very strong. Most professional chocolate molds are made of polycarbonate, but this material is very expensive and is more difficult to form. Many companies manufacture food grade silicone and it can be bought widely over the internet.

For more information, visit The Chocolate Mold Factory We have many free tutorials, videos, as well as, links to purchase mold making materials.

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