How Can You Look and Feel like a Celebrity?

One thing that many women want is to look like a celebrity. For some it makes them feel important, for others they just like the best of everything. Whatever you reason for wanting to buy the very best like Versace, and Vera Wang this article will help you to do just that.

First of all when it comes to shopping for top designer outfits you need to look at auctions, stores that resell these expensive items, and online. In order to make sure you are getting exactly what you paid for you need to be able to recognize an original price. You should know the person’s work inside and out. For example everyone knows that Versace’s pieces are different from any other piece and if you are a true fan of this designer than you will be able to recognize it anywhere. Most celebrities buy their clothing at exclusive stores. This means that only certain stores are allowed to sell a particular designers clothing.

Some other bargain stores that sell some designer clothing is Nordstrom’s, Loehmans, and even Burlington Coat Factory. These are usually items that other stores were unable to sell and you can usually get them for a great discounted price. Remember that you can look like a celebrity without spending the celebrity money. If you live anywhere near the New York area and you are an avid shopper then you have probably heard of Sample Sales.

One big sample sales that just about every bride to be that is into fashion knows about is the “Vera Wang” sample sale. At this sale you will find a lot of discounts on all kinds of bridal gowns. These sales usually have the best deals and you get to buy clothes that just about nobody has. It is a little difficult to find your size sometimes but when you do it is definitely worth it. Try doing an online search for sample clothing sales in your area.

The bottom line is that you really have to search for the name brand items. Remember that in order to really dress like a celebrity you have to buy the accessories that go with the outfit. This includes the pocket book, the scarf (for some outfits) and of course don’t forget the jewelry. Nowadays it is definitely all about the “Bling”. It will definitely take a lot of searching and shopping but when you know that you look good you will also feel good. You could also try buying designer clothing online. Although you should expect to pay a lot more since you will have to pay shipping and handling charge. But if you take the time to sign up for their special email lists of the designer websites then you will be notified when there is a good sale going on. Usually those who are signed up for their email lists are the first ones to find out about all the good bargains.

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