How To Work From Home

I have always been an employee hired by someone else and as you know freedom is not yours. Your employer determines the starting time along with the quitting time, lunchtime and breaks. He or she even has the say on your vacation time.

After having my third child I took some much needed time off. Now three years later and rising expenses in health care and everyday expenditures the need for a second income has arrived. In the back of my mind I knew this day would come eventually but I thought my children would be more independent. I pondered the decision I had to make and I ultimately chose to stay home but work right from my house.

Ask yourself a few questions to see if a home based business is the answer for you. Do you desire the need to be your own boss? Do you have the self motivation to start a business? Do you have a product or service that you know could make money? If you answered yes to these simple questions than working from home and being your own boss is for you!

Some very good suggestions when choosing to work from home:
-Set flexible but regular working hours. Sounds double standard but it really isn’t, what I mean is set regular working hours but for some reason your child needs to go to the doctor take him that is why you choose to work from home and be your own boss. Just make up the time later on if you can.
-Set up a budget with money. Being self-employed means paying your federal, state and social security tax on your own.
-Choose something you have great passion for. We all have something inside us that we are good at and can make the money we need to survive. Several ideas include babysitting/daycare, selling catalog products such as Avon, Home Interior, etc., freelance writing, telemarketing, catering, crafts, and the list goes on.
-Set up you own office space. Having a real office space will keep you more organized and on track with an at home business.
-Learn to say no I’m working. At times many friends and family members are quick to presume that when you’re home you are not working. Many will ask favors of you since “you’re not working”. Setting a schedule and letting it be known to all will help set everyone straight (you would not miss a day of “work” to do favors so don’t miss a day of working in your home based office to do a favor).

I love that I started my own home-based business. I’ve chosen to work around my daughter’s schedule being just three years old she takes naps and I work during that time and work when my children are sleeping at night. I get the piece of mind that I’m there when my children need me the most and I’m making the extra monay that my family needs.

If you have little ones and would rather be home with them than why not try starting your own business. The freedom you will experience while making the extra cash your family needs will truly be remarkable. Find a hobby that you have experience in and build on that. For instance if you are good with children why not open a daycare in your home, if you’d rather have adult contact and baking is your specialy than try catering various occasions (or supply the cookies which is different than catering itself), if you’re good at expressing oneself try putting it in writing by writing books, or maybe crafts are more you try creating objects to sell online, in magazines or at craft shows. What ever your talent may be expand on it and create your own home based business and become your own boss!

Have fun and Good Luck!!!!

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