How Writers Can Deal with Negative Criticism!

Have you ever written an article that expressed how you felt about a particular topic online to have the online community completely bash the article that you wrote? The same thing has happened with people who have written books about their own opinions they get bashed constantly by negative comments just because some may not agree. Unfortunately it seems that we live in a world full of negative, and in some cases down right hateful people. If they fail to see the point of something you have written they automatically will say whatever negative thing that they can think of. This article is for those writers who are just starting out, and need help in dealing with negative criticism.

One thing you must understand is that no matter what professional field you choose to enter you will always have to deal with a group of negative people. Take celebrities for example one minute they love you and admire everything that you do, but the next minute if you say the wrong thing they call you every name in the book. Well the same goes for the world of writing, which I have personally also had to experience as a new writer. Speaking to other professional writers in the business I have learned that there will be plenty of times where what you write sparks controversy. It is something that you have to learn to cope with. First of all do let every negative comment get to you. Even if there is only one or two people who understand the point that you were trying to get across.

Second if you meant what you wrote then stick by it, you don’t have to lash back with negative comments of your own. Let people say whatever they want, they usually end up making themselves look ridiculous by stating derogatory comments. I actually find it humorous when adults make comments about how immature your article is and then they turn around and start calling you names. When that happens who really is the immature one. Sometimes it may not even be the entire article that people get upset about. It could be just one or two lines that set them off, before they really try to understand your point of view. They automatically judge you and your witting. Well let me tell you that as a new writer this is something you will have to get used to. We don’t live in a world of nice happy people, although one day we will, that I am sure of. Just remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, including you the writer. If you are passionate about a topic and others try to change your mind don’t let them, hold your ground and ignore what they have to say. But don’t ever stoop down to their level; remember you want to continue to be the adult in any situation. The bottom line is that you do not write to please anyone but yourself. If others don’t like it then they do not have to read it. As long as you remember that then you will do just fine.

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