If the UN Really Cared

Ever since it happened, we’ve heard nothing but endless whining, moaning, wailing and gnashing of teeth from the dictators and socialists running the UN, about the U.S. decision to invade Iraq and overthrow the brutal Saddam Hussein dictatorship.

Now all the islamofascists and undiscouraged Saddam loyalists in the region, with the encouragement of America-haters everywhere, including the quislings of the extreme left in this country, are doing their best to see that this attempt at installing democracy in the region fails, if for no other reason than to “bring Bush down”.

Neighboring dictatorships are terrified that if it succeeds in Iraq, it could soon be coming to a theatre near them.

But despite these difficulties, the Iraqi people themselves have managed to hold transitional elections with courageously high turnouts ( even if they’d been U.S. elections ), and to finally elect a permanent form of governing body.

Yet the insurgency incorporating just about every serial mad dog murderer in the world who’s too cowardly to actually put on an identifiable uniform and go honestly and openly mano a marine against America’s finest, has been pouring into Iraq from places like Syria and Iran, to sneak around like rabid feral pigs in the night planting roadside bombs that blow up mostly civilians including women, children and the occasional media reporters, and of course their own mosques, to try to provoke a civil war that will make America lose.

Yet despite this, the vast majority of Iraqis refuse to let their nation fall apart and persist in trying to live their lives in peace and newfound freedom.

Yet the usual characters at the UN sit back watching all this, as if by their inactions they still hold out hope of punishing the U.S. for not gaining the permission of all the corrupt dictators and socialists who were on Saddam’s payroll, before undertaking the Iraqi effort. As if, had we just discussed and asked permission for a few more years ( or decades ), they might have given it. Right.

Many of us in this country, who aren’t among the America-hating leftists, are left wondering exactly wha the UN is good for, besides holding the potential to eventually disarm us and tax us and turn into an out-of-control-monster Big Brother one-world socialist dictatorship, the likes of which this planet has never yet seen, and we hope it never does.

Yeah, there’s a monster on the loose
It’s got our heads into the noose

And it just sits there watchin’ ”
– Steppenwolf ( Monster )

Iraq is now in the state of being a fledgling democracy, the kind that the UN claims to be supportive and encouraging of in the world, over ruthless dictatorships.

So if the UN really cared, you know what they would do now? They would send in about an additional 150,000 peace keeping forces to patrol Iraq and supress the terrorism that threatens this new democracy and help bring a lasting peace to the Iraqi people, who so sorely deserve it after everything they’ve been through over these past few decades.

Let the UN now demonstrate their sincerity and give us at least a little glimmering sign that they’re not totally useless, extremely dangerous to individual liberty, and shouldn’t have the U.S. withdraw, shut them down and ship them off to France.

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