How to Adjust to Having a Live In Nanny

Many people have no choice but to hire a full time live in nanny. This is especially true in area’s where the cost of living is continuing to increase and families now need to work longer hours just to make enough money to cover daily expenses. But how can you help the live in nanny to get adjusted into the family routine? It all actually begins prior to the first interview. You and your family should sit down together (this would include the children) and decide what each of you would like in a live in nanny. Of course you and your spouse will list the most important qualities of a live in nanny, but you should allow the children to add a few of their own.

This will help to make their adjustment a lot easier as well. When you interview your prospective live in nanny make sure that all of the items on your list are met. If you settle for someone you really don’t want you can not expect the family to be able to adjust to this new live in nanny. Remember that you are the boss, you make the decisions in the house, not your new live in nanny. Everything that the live in nanny does needs to go thought you first. This is something that they should understand from the very beginning.

It may also help to include your live in nanny in some of your family activities. Since the live in nanny will be living there it is important that they begin to feel like a member of the family. The more comfortable they are the quicker they will adjust to their new surroundings. Also do your best to make it fair for them as well. What do I mean by this? Well this is now going to be their home as well. They should not be expected to work seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. They should have some time for themselves. Usually the weekends are when most live in nanny’s get some time off.

You may also want to think about allowing them to have company on their day off. I would personally only allow family members to come for a visit. You still want to be protective of your family and your home. If you can set it up so that they have their own private entrance this may be better for everyone. This way if they choose to have visitors on the weekend they will not interfere with your company and your plans.

In order for your entire family to be able to adjust to the new live in nanny she needs to be trustworthy, efficient and loving. You should give her plenty of encouragement, and make sure she feels appreciated. Another good suggestion is to put a two week trial period into the nanny’s contract. This will give her and you both a chance to see if this arrangement is going to work out. Some people are just unable to adjust to others. It is possible that she may not be a good fit for the family. Another good idea to make her adjustment easier is to introduce her to your friends and other family members. Also show her around the local area, so that she will be able to find her way around town.

The first day of work should be more like an orientation for her. Don’t just put her immediately to work, give her a chance to adjust before starting work. Make sure that the room she will be using is all set up and ready for her. This will help her to feel a lot more comfortable. You should make sure that all of your things are out of her room so you will not need to invade her privacy. The most important thing is to make sure that you go over all the rules thoroughly, such as phone use, and storage space before she even starts working.

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