Old Habits Piggy Bank: Old Habits Die Hard

I recently purchased this piggy bank and decided to do an editorial on it. I bought it because it was only $0.99 and the retail value even online is $6.99. I like to purchase unusual things sometimes for no reason just besides it is something different. This piece is different in that it’s not just unusual but it can also have implied meanings.

Old habits are something we all have and like it or not we continuously store them away just like money in a piggy bank for later use. Most people probably won’t admit to it but we all have things we say we won’t do again but just like financial situations that make us break into our piggy banks, things arise in our life and we revert to our old habits. The saying “Old habits die hard” is the best statement to describe old habits. Some habits are really hard to just simply stop.
A piggy bank is a classic way to teach children about how to save money and for adults it is our savings account. The concept is to save money for when you need it or for something you want or need. Sometimes we save old habits just like money for when we need them. It’s like the habit of lying to get your way out of something. You know it’s not right and it’s a bad habit but it seems to make things easier for the time. Then you’re in trouble when your spouse or boss finds out you were lying. The bottom line is that some habits are bad habits but they can come in handy for a period of time.

I thought about using this piggy bank to help my wife and I get rid of some old habits. We could write the habit on a piece of paper and then put it in the piggy bank and vow to never do again. Then when we caught each other we could say, “Isn’t that habit in the piggy bank?” That very well might be a solution to put an end some of the habits we want each other to stop. On the other hand though, using it like that might put me in the dog house or sleeping on the couch for the night. It might be best to just keep that idea to myself.

I’m probably just taking a simple creation for humor too far but I’m a writer and as a writer I can write about just about anything even a small piggy bank that says on the side “Old Habits.”

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