What is the Georgia Learning Resources System?

The Georgia Learning Resources System, or GLRS, is a network of 17 centers in the state of Georgia who will provide the training and resources educators of students with disabilities need to know in the classroom. It is also working with the parents of those students.

It was designed to help meet the needs of the requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) along with the No Child Left Behind bill (NCLB). Through this increased learning, students with disabilities have improved in every grade shown since 2002 on the CRCT exam.

Along with additional teacher and parent training, students themselves get different “Child Find” activities. These activities will help with developmental delays and assures that the child gets service and support. They will coordinate the Georgia Parent Mentor program to keep parents active in their child’s educational needs.

Students have now started having fewer amounts of office referrals for discipline issues, and have increased participation. There are fewer children dropping out of school because of their difficulties and more of these students have met the academic requirements of the No Child Left Behind bill.

Through effective teaching resources and the new Georgia Learning Resources System helping parents and teachers understand how to implement effective instructional student strategies, more students are graduating and living more productive lives after high school. With Georgia Learning Resources System it seems that everyone indeed is a winner.

“Our Unifying Vision: Georgia will lead the nation in improving student achievement.”
– Cathy Cox, State Superintendent of Schools

Georgia Learning Resources System
1870 Twin Towers East
Atlanta, GA 30334
State GLRS Coordinator 1-404-657-9971

Centers in the Georgia Learning Resources System

Coastal GLRS
Hinesville, 1-800-827-5239

Metro East GLRS
Atlanta, 1-678-676-2400

Middle Georgia GLRS
Fort Valley, 1-478-825-3132

East Georgia GLRS
Augusta, 1-800-282-7552

Metro South GLRS
Griffin, 1-770-229-3247

North Georgia GLRS
Cleveland, 1-706-865-2043

East Central GLRS
Dublin, 1-800-741-3534

Metro West GLRS
Atlanta, 1-770-432-2404

North Central GLRS
Ellijay, 1-706-276-1111

Northeast GLRS
Winterville, 1-706-742-8292

Northwest GLRS
Rome, 1-706-295-6189

South Georgia GLRS
Lenox, 1-229-546-4367

South Central GLRS
Waycross, 1-912-338-5998

Southeast GLRS
Claxton, 1-912-739-1551

Southwest GLRS
Albany, 1-229-432-9151

West Georgia GLRS
Columbus, 1-706-748-2140

West Central GLRS
Grantville, 1-770-583-2528

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