How to Make an Ordered List in Html

Creating an ordered list in HTML is not a rocket science but you must have a reason for making it. HTML is the most easiest programming language that allows the basic programmers to play with the world of web development. HTML offers two types of list to its users, unordered lists and ordered lists. The unordered lists are those where the items are listed in a random manner with a basic bullet point while in ordered lists, the items are listed in a sophisticated manner and with a proper numbering.


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    Realise the need to create an ordered list

    No doubt that you can do anything you want, but there must be a solid reason for creating an ordered list. Generally, the HTML programmers take help of the unordered list. One of the main reasons for using unordered list is that the HTML program by default uses the unordered list pattern. For example, if you want to list down items, the HTML will do so in the bullet form until or unless you give the proper command for the ordered list. Mostly, ordered lists are used to maintain a sequence and proper order of the things to follow. If the items that you intend to mention are not to be used or applied in chronological order, then there is no need for creating an ordered list.

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    List down the items you wish to mention

    After you have realised the need to create an ordered list in HTML, you must now start thinking of all the items that you must mention in the web page. You may find it hard to memorise all of them, thus it is strongly advised that you start listing down these items on a paper. For this, you should think well and drop your pen only after you have completed the list.

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    Identify the area to create ordered list

    Now you must identify the area where you want to create an ordered list. It is important that you do not change the layout of that particular web page and choose a suitable area for the ordered list.

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    Open the coded file

    Now you must open the coded file as you cannot make changes to a particular web page without making changes in the source file.

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    Write the following code

    After everything is ready, you must type the following code in the source file to create an ordered list:

    - Ship
    - Car
    - Bike

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