Difference Between Yoga and Tai Chi

Yoga and Tai Chi are two most ancient and popular exercises that fall under martial arts. These exercises are practiced all over the world in order to gain strength, relive stress and mental focus. Many people think that both of these exercises produce same results and there are no major differences. However, with a close evaluation you can easily make both of these exercises distinctive as there are a few major difference in Yoga and Tai Chi. Yoga is associated with both body and mind while Tai Chi is more associated with mind. Keep reading to know more.


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    Yoga has its origin from India and it is the breathing and meditating exercise that improves physical and mental health of people. It usually depends on the need of humans and is commonly practices to get peace of mind by relieving stress.

    On the other hand, Tai Chi is originated from China and in this exercise that involves workouts of joints and muscles and it is also called soft martial arts. It teaches how to keep your mind fully focused along with having physical strength.

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    While doing yoga exercises, people adopt different postures of their body while staying on floor either standing or sitting. Usually arms hold the body weight in yoga exercises that help in developing strength. People do yoga exercises to improve strength in their body and also learn how to get peace of mind.

    In contrast, Tai Chi exercises involve standing and taking steps and thus the legs carry the whole weight of body. During the steps the arms remain in air and move gracefully in order to keep the balance. Different moves are performed for gaining strength in different parts of body.

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    In yoga exercises, usually arm provide support to the whole body because a huge majority of postures in yoga are formed in a way in which arms play central role and people do not move in yoga exercise.

    On the contrary, Tai Chi exercises involve a lot of movement in which the internal part of the body including back and abdomen are involved to the maximum. The arms and shoulders play a little role in the movement.

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    Yoga exercises improve strength and balance in the body and people who do yoga exercises on regular basis feel calmness in their body.

    Whereas Tai Chai exercises not only bring strength but also help in increasing stamina and people start feeling stronger not only physically but mentally as well because during Tai Chi exercises people are required to keep their mind fully focused for moving internal parts of their body.

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