Difference Between Threading and Waxing

Hair removal using threads is used for the removal of vegetation, as on the face and around the body. This method is much more effective than shaving or bleaching hair.

In ancient times, women removed unwanted hair on the body with a thread. This method was considered fast, simple and original. Nowadays, it is mainly used for removing hair on the chin, chest, upper lip and eyebrows.

Wax hair removal, on the other hand, is an effective and simple means of getting rid of unwanted body hair. The procedure does not require any special skills and abilities.


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    The good thing is that the thread will not stick to the surface of the skin after the removing process. If you have no experience, this method can even bring you pain. It is much stronger than with forceps, which is more comfortable and is intended for hair removal.

    To reduce the unpleasant sensation of pain, lubricate the skin with ice. To soften the skin and hair roots, brush the skin with softening cream and apply a cotton ball soaked in warm water on the area before starting threading. It is recommended to hold the thread real hard for a few minutes and start the procedure to remove the hair. The hair will grow back after a month but structure of the hair will not be change in this case.

    You may experience redness at the specific area. Use antiseptic agents to avoid skin irritation. And remember, you need to master this skill in order to do it quickly.

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    Hair removal wax can be used at home or at any salon. If you decide to do it at home, melt the wax, apply it to the skin in the right places with a spatula. It's pretty painful, but after treatment the hair will grow slower as compared to other methods of hair removing.

    This method differs from the previous high efficiency methods with a low degree of allergic reactions and very high morbidity.

    Ample opportunity for hair removal on a large area of ​​skin of a person is wax. It is actively used to get rid of unwanted vegetation on the lips and in the cheeks. The effect of the removal of wax can last up to several weeks, but it is not very effective when it comes to the chin. Experts recommend women with dark skin to apply the wax gently.

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