How to Always Make Sure Your House is Clean

In today’s society where both parents work full-time jobs outside the home, many times the house is what gets neglected. Why not? With ever-increasing extra activities that the kids are involved in and time spent on the internet and TV, who has time for daily cleaning?

While our priorities should be our job, spouse, children and then anything else, we should try to keep our house clean and in order so that we can enjoy our families without feeling disorganized and dirty.

Many times it seems as though we just don’t have the time or that we are just plain exhausted. Here are some ideas that may help you out.

I have found that many jobs can be done simultaneously for my house. My grandmother always told me that while you are cooking, do the dishes and clean up the kitchen so that when you are done cooking you don’t have a huge mess to pick up. In addition to this, while a child is in the tub I usually pick up in the bathroom while he is playing. I can keep an eye on him and get the bathroom cleaned up. As my parents always said, “Kill two birds with one stone.” There are many other ways you can combine jobs, for example while I fold the clothes I watch the news. Pick up toys and items from the floor as you are passing by.

However, I think the best time saver is to enlist the help of those in your house. There is no reason why others can’t help. There are many jobs that can be delegated to others. Garbage can be packed up, windows can be washed, counters can be cleaned, book shelves and toy sections can be organized, dusting, sweeping, washing clothes can all be given to other family members to do. We shouldn’t feel bad in anyway in sharing the work load. If someone lives in your house they are also making part of the mess. If your family is like mine they actually make most of the mess. This will teach them a sense of responsibility as well.

Set aside a certain day to deep clean one thing saving Sunday for a day of rest. This will allow you to have 6 different areas in your home to get a deep concentrated effort once a week or 12 different areas once every two weeks. While your house isn’t getting completely cleaned all at once you will feel a sense of accomplishment each day as you knock off certain sections that need to be cleaned.

Life is a balancing act and while we are ever increasingly busy we need not neglect our house. There will be days or weeks that work doesn’t get done for whatever reason but don’t get frustrated just do the best you can and get the necessities done until you have more time to deep clean.

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