The Pros and Cons of Buying a Glass-Top Electric Stove/Range

I’ve cooked on gas stovetops, and I’ve cooked on electric stoves, and while most people seem to have their preference, I disliked both of them. Until I purchased a glass top electric stove/range, that is. It’s not the ideal way to cook. But, it did do away with one of my biggest gripes when it comes to a stove/range. Read this informative article and learn about the pros and cons of buying a glass top electric stove/range! If you have any thoughts of purchasing one, these facts can help you decide!


1. Glass Top Electric Stoves/Ranges Are Easier to Clean
My biggest gripe with traditional electric stoves/ranges is cleaning them. There’s nothing worse than having to disassemble the entire top so you can clean it. You have to remove the elements, then pull the drip pans out. Nothing can compare to scrubbing blackened gunk off the elements while the drip pans soak for an hour…except maybe having your head squeezed in a vise.

So, the biggest pro of a glass top electric stove/range, at least in my estimation, is the ease in cleaning it. Mine came with a razor-type scraper for removing cooked on food. In the past 3 years I’ve owned this stove/range, no matter how messy the glass top has gotten, I’ve never used the scraper. I’ve always been able to remove spills and cooked-on food with a soft, soapy sponge scratcher. I’ve also used Mr. Clean Magic Erasers with great success.

2. Red Light Warning Indicator for Hot Burners
I’ve owned a few stoves/ranges in my cooking life. My glass top electric model is the first one I’ve had that has a red indicator light to let you know at least one of the burners is still hot.

Personally, I think this feature is another pro. It’s not only a safety feature, but it helps thwart people from setting things on the flat stove top.

3. Glass Top Stoves/Ranges Look Elegant and Chic
I chose the dark glass top for my electric stove/range. Compared to the traditional electric models with the unsightly elements and and drip pans, the glass top stoves/ranges give your kitchen an smart, modern look.

4. The Flat Surface Can Be Used as a Countertop
In a kitchen like mine, where counter space is limited, it’s nice to be able to use the glass top of my electric stove/range for light tasks. You can make sandwiches, ice a cake, things like that.


1. The Flat Surface Can Be Used as a Countertop
In all fairness, I have to include this as a “Con” as well. If you have a glass top electric stove/range, and people place heavy or combustible items on its surface, there can be problems. If heavy items are slammed down on the glass, it can cause damage. And, if paper, cloth, or plastic items are placed on the glasstop while a portion of it’s hot, you can end up with a fire or a melted mess.

2. Glass Top Electric Stoves/Ranges Can Be Scratched, Cracked and Broken
Since these models have a glass top, you have to use extra care in cleaning and using them. You even have to be careful not to drop anything- such as a pot, pan, metal can, et cetera- on the surface as well.

If the glass top does become cracked or broken, you can order a replacement top. However, depending on the brand and specific model of stove/range you have, some of the new glass tops are quite expensive. In fact, it may be cheaper to replace the entire stove instead of repairing it.

3. Not All Cookware Is Suitable for Use on This Type of Stove/Range
I have a few different brands of cookware that I use on my glass top electric stove/range. I have yet to experience any problems. However, not all cookware is suitable for use on this type of stove/range. For example, the best cookware has smooth, flat bottoms. Rough-bottom pots, pans, et cetera, can scratch and damage the glass top. Aluminum cookware can leave marks on your stove/range top. If you use cookware that’s painted porcelain enamel, and it’s heated too high, it can actually become fused to the glass top.

4. Glass Top Electric Stoves/Ranges Require a Special Cleaner/Polisher
It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort, but glass top electric stove/ranges require a special cleaner/polisher. You don’t need to use this product all the time. But it does clean and help protect the surface of glass top electric stove/ranges. It also gives the glass a beautiful shine.

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