How to Be a Bargain Yard Sale Shopper

Yard sales are not what they used to be. During the spring and summer, millions of Americans host a yard sale. Instead of throwing away their unwanted goods, more individuals are making the decision to have a yard sale. Yard sales are a great way to make money, but as a shopper they are a great way to find amazing deals.

Most yard sale shoppers are already considered bargain shoppers, but are you really a bargain shopper? What many individuals do not realize is that there is more to yard sale shopping than selecting an item and paying for it. By knowing what sales to visit and how to negotiate, you can receive your already low-priced items for an even lower price.

The first step in becoming a bargain yard sale shopper is to find the best sales. The best way to do this is to use the internet and your local newspapers. Most individuals post their yard sale advertisements in their local newspapers, but many others also advertise online. If you are interested in visiting a number of yard sales in one morning you can make yourself a map ahead of time. The map will save you time when traveling to multiple sales. This will also help to ensure that you are able to hit a large number of yard sales before all of the good items are gone.

When posting yard sale advertisements online or in a newspaper, a large number of individuals include samples of the items that they are selling. If you are interesting in only purchasing certain items, such as clothing, toys, or books, you will want to know which yard sales to visit. This method will also help you save time by eliminating unnecessary stops.

The majority of the items at a yard sale will be marked with a set price. Despite that set price, you should not hesitate negotiating a price with the individual or individuals in charge of the yard sale. Most people have a yard sale because they are interested in getting rid of all of their merchandise. This means that if they have to take fifty cents or two dollars off of an item to get rid of it most of them will.

Many yard sale shoppers think that the best time to go shopping is first thing in the morning. This is true if you want to find specific items, but if you are interested in price you may want to shop later in the day. A large number of individuals markdown their items an hour or two before their sale ends. This combined with negotiation, could result in extremely low prices.

Most of the yard sales you come across will be traditional yard sales, but others are known as bag sales. Bag sales typically take place on the last day of a yard sale. Many churches or other non-profit organizations use this method to clear out their remaining merchandise. Most individuals having bags sales only charge one or two dollars for filling up a bag of merchandise. Bag sales are the best way to become a yard sale bargain shopper. If you find a local bag sale in your area, you are encouraged to stop there first. Bag sales are popular among yard sale shoppers and the merchandise does not always last for long.

Many individuals can become a bargain yard sale shopper with little or no work. All you have to do it keep your eyes and ears open. Doing so will allow you to find and purchase great yard sale items at a low price.

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