How to Choose an Above Ground Pool

Now that you have finally decided to buy an above ground pool for your backyard, you can focus on the fun part of the decision. Learning how to choose an above ground pool will mean finding the best pool for your specific needs. With a variety of options, selecting the ideal pool involves looking at shape, construction, size, and intended purpose. Most importantly, different prices mean focusing on how to get the best deal on an above ground pool.

The first step in choosing an above ground pool is to analyze the physical location where the pool will be installed. All pools require level ground with no barriers or accessible components nearby. Specifically avoid wells, septic tanks, underground power line, and building features that will require access. Also look out for trees since growing roots can eventually pop up and destroy the above ground pool lining. Most importantly, do not place the above ground pool directly below any power lines to avoid the risk of electrocution.

The amount of space in your available location will determine the best size for your pool. Small above ground pools are as little as 30 inches high and 8 feet in diameter. Large above ground pools can easily fill even a big backyard. The most popular huge pools are 32 feet x 16 feet x 52 feet and can safely fit more than a dozen people at the same time. For all above ground pools, try to keep at least a couple feet between the edge of the pool and any structure to allow for easy clearance.

Above ground pools generally come in one of two shapes. Rectangular pools have a perfectly rectangular base while round pools are more of an oval design. From a design standpoint, round pools usually look better if there is a large amount of available space relative to the size of the pool. Rectangular pools are ideal for placement closer to buildings or plants. There is no difference in the operation of pools so shape is more a matter of appeal and based on what pool will fit nicely in your yard.

Pricing for above ground pools varies dramatically. The cheapest pools cost less than $50 while the most expensive pools cost more than $2000. Size of the pool is the primary factor in pool pricing with the biggest pools having the biggest price tag. Material construction is also a factor since lower quality pools use cheap inflatable plastic housing while the best pools have a high-grade polymer shell. Brand name above ground pools always carry a warranty and are made of better components whereas discount above ground pools are significantly cheaper.

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