Review: Mosquito Magnet Defender

In Illinois, we sometimes have a big mosquito problem, especially if it’s humid or it has recently rained. Still, my family and I like to cook out and have little parties despite the obstacles of a buggy night or clouds of insects. Bug repellent and Tiki Torches just don’t cut it, so I decided to try the Mosquito Magnet Defender. The Defender is the smallest of the mosquito traps that Mosquito Magnet offers, covering about Ã?½ an acre.

Setup was as easy as the instruction said. Three pieces came from the box: the base, the pole, and the propane tank. When put together, the unit doesn’t seem as sturdy as it should since there were only a few pieces to actually put together. Once the hose to the propane was hooked up, the unit was ready to turn on.

The Mosquito Magnet Defender works like this: the unit pumps out simulated human breath. I learned that mosquitos are attracted to the CO2 that humans breath out. The defender throws out a trail of “breath” to lure the bugs into the trap located at the top of the unit. Once the bug has fallen for that trap, then an attractant takes over and, depending on where you live, can be either Octenol for the northern half of the States, and Lurex3 for the southern half of the United States. The second attractant emulates skin emissions, which bugs hone in to make that final plunge. The Mosquito Magnet Defender also attracts other biting insects like gnats and flies or whatever is native to your area.

The size of the unit is 25″x18″x33″ and is made of furniture grade PVC. When placed in a corner, it sits there pretty inconspicuously, which, despite the ugly design, is a good thing.

I have already replaced one net, which is recommended every 21 days. It is also recommended to refill the propane tank in that time frame, but it just depends on how much you use it. Overall, the Mosquito Magnet Defender does a nice job of keeping the area clear of mosquitos and other small bugs

If you have a larger area you needed covered, you can get two other models that cover up to one acre and can attract bigger bugs, especially if you have area near water. The higher-end model is even cordless so you can really put it out of the way.

You can’t rely on citronella or mosquito fog to eliminate or decrease the mosquito or bug population. If you are in a heavily mosquitoed area, or live near a body of water, then the Mosquito Magnet Defender is a great addition to your party so your guests can enjoy the environment.

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